Update: Microsoft vs. Sony – The Dream Roster

After putting together lists of suggested characters from not only our comments here but also on N4g, Reddit, VGN24, and some others I believe we finally have our dream roster for a Microsoft vs. Sony fighting game. A lot of people questioned my Xbox list saying that I had put too many multiplatform characters instead of exclusives. I do agree that I missed a ton of people but I do feel justified in placing names like Darth Malak, Ryu Hayabusa, Joanna Dark, Big Daddy, and even Frank West on there. The games those characters featured in were heavily played on the Xbox 1 and 360 and somewhat became known on those systems. Sure, Ninja Gaiden and Bioshock became multiplatform but they excelled on the Xbox.

Anywho! We now have 15 characters for each side that are exclusive to each company’s console(s). Once again, let’s begin to Microsoft.


Microsoft Fighters

The Agent (Crackdown)
The Arbiter
(Too Human)
(Conkey’s Bad Fur Day)
The Dishwasher
(The Dishwasher)
General RAAM
(Gears of War)
Jason Fleming
(Shadow Complex)
Kaim Argonar
(Lost Odyssey)
(Kameo: Elements of Power)
Marcus Fenix
(Gears of War)
Master Chief
Ms. ‘Splosion Man
(Ms. ‘Splosion Man)
Stubbs the Zombie
 (Stubbs the Zombie)

I know that Conker first showed up on the N64 but the remake for Xbox 1 was fantastic. Deal with it. 🙂


Sony Fighters

Clank (Ratchet & Clank)
Cole McGrath
Colonel Radec
(Jak & Daxter)
(Jak & Daxter)
(God of War)
(Heavenly Sword)
Nathan Drake
Nathan Hale
(Ratchet & Clank)
Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
Sir Dan
Sly Cooper
(Sly Cooper)
Sweet Tooth
(Twisted Metal)
Tifa Lockheart  
(Final Fantasy VII)


Thirty fighters, two companies, five consoles, and two handhelds between them. Who wins?

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  1. Ray

    im pretty confident that Kratos would rip out the Master Chief’s spine through his helmet, him being obviously the highest threat, unless you count Conkers crude humor able to trump the God of War, but he would probably just make a belt out of him, so this isn’t really a fair fight at all

  2. Liquidfire93

    Lol using characters from small downloadable games for the 360 side. Why not do the same for ps3? The scarf girl from journey the boy from papo and yo or Rochard.

    • mikefizzled

      The Dishwasher is a small game but the character would be perfect for the experience. Shadow Complex on the other hand has sold over 600,000 units. Which is pretty impressive. 

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