Wanted: More Writers!

Howdy folks. So Jason and I have been hard at work at making Leviathyn a success. We’ve got plenty of stamina left but we’re looking for some help. Do you write? Do you know someone who does? Send an email along to support[at]leviathyn[dot]com with the subject “Writing Staff”. Please include either previous blogging experience with some links or an attachment to a practice article you come up with. Make sure the subject of your article(s) is, of course, gaming related.

Right now we’ll accept any kind of gamer who can write but we’re really looking for those interested in these subjects:

Mobile/Tablet Games
Indie Games
Sports Games
Shooting Games

Like I said, even if you’re not too focused in those areas, we’ll check your e-mail out.

Please know that as of right now, this is not a paid position. We don’t get paid, either! This is a great way to pad your resume though if you are looking to make a career in gaming blogging. Also, depending on your effort put into the site, we may offer you a position later on. Oppertunities!