Is The Vita Already Losing Momentum?

The PlayStation Vita had a spectacular launch. Aside from the weird Wednesday release date, everything went very smoothly for Sony. With a bevy of titles launched varying across the board in genre, it seemed like the new handheld would be in business and keep up shop. After two huge Vita updates in the PSN weekly store update, things have seemingly slowed down. Since March began, the only PSN additions for Vita have been new releases. Which also tie into how we haven’t heard anything from Sony about the eventually PSOne classic compatibility or access to more Minis and PSP games. The torrent of news and releases from Sony just a few weeks ago was great to see as the relay of information pertaining to the Vita’s launch and window events were abundant. Looking at the new release section for Vita games we’re looking at about eight new releases from now until E3. Is that enough?

In America, the PSP had a huge problem keeping up pace. Mostly it was thanks to the onslaught devs saw from hacking but it was alarming to see the release cycle slow to a crawl way before the system’s successor was even announced. It is obvious that isn’t going to happen with the Vita so soon but the lack of releases both digital and physical does make it look like we’re in an early drought. The Vita is a great system but in order for people to go out and buy it they need more software to justify the price. Will the launch date and window titles be enough to keep people opening their wallets before E3? Sony hasn’t released any hard numbers for the Vita (or the PS3, in fact) for February and I doubt we’re going to hear any until their conference in June. That could be interpreted a few different ways. First off, Sony will most likely announce the Vita unit numbers as a worldwide number instead of by region. Given the very slow Japanese launch and reception it only makes sense to bundle the number together in order to assuage questions arising from that.

Developers are waiting to see how well the system does before committing to it. If eight games in the next two and a half months is all we’re getting will sales really show them that the Vita is worth it? Also, if we have to wait until E3 to hear any exciting news about the Vita’s upcoming changes or additions to backwards compatibility and whatnot that could add up to a few returned or traded in Vitas depending on what we hear. I believe this E3 will be very exciting for early adopters and prospecting buying but it is very alarming to see the lack of content and news. I use my Vita everyday but I’m getting the impression that the novelty may have worn off already for some. Sony needs to announce something quick to bring back momentum to the system. To that effect, companies need to stop letting E3’s approach get to their heads. Software and content droughts are not something you want nor something the consumer likes to see.

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  1. Steven

     There is enough in my opinion , Unit 13 launched 2 weeks ago, there’s Resistance in May, and Gravity Rush in June. For a newly launched console id say that’s not too bad as all consoles get off to a slow start. (As someone who owns both a vita and a 3DS remember how long it took for 3DS to get going just 1 year ago? or remember how long it took for support for PS3 to pick up steam. Calm down the systems only been out a month! LOL)

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