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Starbound Gameplay Video

Encase you are not aware, the graphic designer for a more recent popular indie game Terraria, has joined a new team for the game StarBound. This game looks amazing and the game play doesn’t lack either, check out the first video shoot of the game and the list below for a confirmed list of all the features to be added. Starbound is to hit the market this summer, don’t miss out! – PlayStarBound.com

Confirmed game play:

  • Left and Right Mouse Buttons will allow dual wielding weapons/items without having to switch between them
  • After successfully blocking, the player has a chance to counter attack the enemy to do a guaranteed critical hit.
  • Players can crouch and “walk” by holding shift and go into ‘sneak mode’ and walk by enemies without being seen.
  • Items are procedurally generated not only in visual style but in stats, multitudes in variation of just one weapon possible to be discovered and shared with friends. Shields are Procedurally generated as well.
  • Some weapons will have charge times before firing, like a chargeable cannon
  • There will be tools that are useful in combat. Making an engineer class possible.
  • There will be Flashlight mods for some weapons
  • Items will have an outline color in the UI to show their rarity.
  • Humanoid enemies will appear. Many will be grouped into teams to appear as if they are working together.
  • Creatures can be cataloged by players so they can look back on the strange and wonderful things they have discovered
  • You can also click a plant (Using your Electronic Logbook) to find/store information about it as well to see if they have any use as materials
  • Creatures can be caught and trained to help you fight. These creatures will have stats such as defense, attack damage, speed, which will increase will kills. They can also be trained to fly or swim, etc.
  • Enemy behavior will play an integral role in how you defeat them, much like in megaman/castlevania.
  • Enemy Appearance, like weapons, will be highly variable. Some appearances will be less common and offer players a different drop of rarer quality
  • Slopes have been implemented, and this allows much more free/fluid movement for players and things like vehicles.
  • Liquid physics have been planned, but no more info has been given beyond that there will be water, acid and oil which will be all ‘goopy’.
  • Created procedurally based on coordinates. Coordinates will always create the same world, so you can share with friends.
  • Worlds that are not infinite in size will loop around, so if you travel far enough you will end up back at your start area, as if the planet is a real sphere.
  • Some worlds will have pre-generated story elements, which have been hand crafted with specific gameplay in mind.
  • Quests will also be procedurally generated.
  • No limit to npc/crew size, but space station has limited space, so you’ll have to move people to planet bases too.
  • If the player is attacked while blocking with a shield they will take a small percentage (depending on the level of the shield) of regular damage that’s applied to the players health bar as white “recoverable” health (images). This white health will automatically regenerate at end of battle if you do not take a direct hit.