Can’t Wait To Step Inside The Secret World

This June fans of modern day MMO’s, the World of Darkness rpg, H.P. Lovecraft, and all things abnormal and occult-like are going to have something new to chomp their teeth into. Funcom, known for Age of Conan and Anarchy Online, are prepping their survival horror MMO for launch. A few CGI videos have hit the web over the past year or so chronicling some of the important players in the world as well as the three factions vying for control. Funcom has a sure hit in their hands in one aspect – content. Going with an occult theme and preying on the masses with real life myths, legends, and even tapping into known mythos from well-known authors and films can lead to an overabundance of things to do in The Secret World. That is not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.

The Secret World equips players with an interesting way to build you character. You don’t pick a class or archetype to play throughout your adventure. You’re given skill wheel which houses over 500 skills and abilities you can choose. Of course there will be best choices as you head towards either a defined role or a mix-and-match but overall the choice is yours this time around. How are you given access to these powers? The Earth. Gaea herself is fighting back against the coming darkness and is empowering people in a massive way. As a part of one of the factions you head into missions around the world to beat down the invasion of these monsters and terrible things. Known locations in the games are New York, Stonehenge, and El Dorado. Players will travel through real world landmarks as well as mythical and throughout time as you help the planet survive.

Onto the factions you can join. Funcom has given you three options to choose from depending on how you feel about the situation. This was mighty cool as the original beta sign-ups incorporated a questionnaire to help fit you in the best faction. You can join either The Illuminati, The Dragons, or The Templars. Each have their own thoughts and position in the world and its conflict. The Illuminati believe that in order to beat this chaos you must be strong enough to survive it and perhaps control it. They are based out of New York. The Dragons are more of a neutral faction where they believe controlling the chaos in order to bring balance is the best way to go. The Dragon’s have their main headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Lastly, the London-based Templars will do anything in their power to destroy the darkness. Every. Single. Shadow. They are fanatical but effective. In PvP conflict, players get rid of their battle wear for faction approved outfits in order to gain footholds around the world. Outside of PvP, Funcom has a planned store function where players can buy clothing and items. This shouldn’t impede players who decide not to utilize it.

One of the best looks into the game is a youtube video showing off a walkthrough through the Savage Coast. This shows players heading towards a dock where a once thought sunken ship has mysteriously returned. It was carrying horrifying creatures known as Drow that are attempting to repopulate and take the docks.


That video was posted last year in July. We’ve seldom seen or heard more about the game from Funcom except that beta sign-ups have once again gone live on their site. With a fast approaching release date, Funcom has a lot of information to divulge to gamers or we’d be going in blind. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this MMO as the World of Darkness project just seems dead in the water. Many of my tabletop friends are excited for a modern day occult game we could play together. Here’s hoping that Funcom comes through for us and everyone else.