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iPad Lounge – Terra Noctis

This has been a post a long time in the making, the game Terra Noctis, from FruitForge. The game’s description is playing a 2D side scroller like a retro game of long ago. I’ll let you in on a secret right now, it plays a lot like a retro game of long ago.


So the story behind Terra Noctis is you play a monster (Allen) who is at school and his exams are coming up. He needs to scare people in order to pass the test, and it would seem he is not doing a very well job at that. Looking through a book he finds out about a secret monster that can make him super scary, so off he goes leaving the school in search of this monster to make him truly the most scariest monster in the kingdom. And this is about the last time you hear about the story line, well as far as I have gotten in the game. After this story line, the game begins in old fashioned side scrolled view.

World View

You see a few worlds in the world view, once you click on the only one available at the time, you go to your first level. There are 10 levels per world it would seem. The last two in each world you need to unlock them using gold coins you collect through out the first 8. You collect blue and pink fairies, the pink ones are the ones you really want, since you can trade them in later for objects and extra lives to help you along the way. Also, like I said, there are gold coins to collect, one coin per level. Another important part about beating the level is finding all the letters that make up the word “scare”. If you missed a letter, you can always go back again through the level to complete it 100%. All this seems like a lot to collect in a game, just to unlock the next level. When I reviewed this game, the game was a purchase only, but now I’m hearing that the game will in fact go free to play and pay to unlock and add stuff to the game, which in a sense makes sense about collecting so many objects.

Game Play

Here is where the guys really hit it out of the park, the game controls are probably one of the bets I have played on the iPad to date. The response time is amazing, and well worth playing. This game flows like a real side scroller you may have played on your Sega Genesis (if you are old enough to know). My biggest complaint about the controls though would be the position, the buttons do seem a tad too close and it’s easy to hit the down when you wanted to hit up.

The game play seems long enough to be well worth the 99 cents. I have only beaten the first world and playing through the second one currently. Yes, it can take that long to go through everything 100%. I was reading online about reviews about repetitive game design, my only answer is the game wasn’t played long enough to get past the first 5 levels which may look somewhat the same. If you play long enough you’ll see many different monsters and level designs.

I do have a few issues with the design, but perhaps it was designed to be easy enough to know what you’re missing. The word “scare” as a good example, if you find the letter “a” and only have “s” in your collection, you know you missed “c” in between and can easily go back until you find it. The jumping on blocks can be tedious and if you jump under blocks that are to take damage, you will break them, leaving you stranded and having to restart the level over again. Some positions in the game are almost impossible to play without dying, there are a few spots where in order to get a letter, you have to end yourself.  It is also a very easy game to beat, I have never once really ever traded any of my fairies for any power ups, because they weren’t needed. There seems to be a huge investment in game design and controls, but little for story and game play.

Over all though, Terra Noctis is a really neat game to play, and it’s a great time waster. The game is iCade compatible, for those of you who have the device, well worth playing on.

You can get Terra Noctis on the iPad and iPhone for 0.99:


Terra Noctis - Bulkypix


Terra Noctis - Bulkypix