Is Dolph Ziggler the Next Shawn Michaels?

A subject I think needs to be spoken about is definitely the best young talent in the WWE today. Can Dolph Ziggler live up to the critics who speak of him as being “The Next Shawn Michaels”? Simply put, yes, I do believe that Dolph Ziggler is talented enough to be the next Shawn Michaels. Let’s make something very clear though, this is not going to be an article telling you how Dolph Ziggler is similar to that of Shawn Michaels, but how Dolph Ziggler should present himself to become the FIRST Dolph Ziggler and not the NEXT Shawn Michaels.

Dolph Ziggler has everything that a wrestler needs to be a main eventer in the WWE. He has the talent on the microphone that can keep the fans interested and easily base an opinion on him. In-Ring Ability…Is it even worth talking about? He is the best in-ring performer in the WWE right now. He can sell a move better than anyone else and his execution of moves is unmatched. So my question simply is: why is he not a top card and why is he basically jobbing again?  The WWE has not found that special place in the top card for Dolph Ziggler. The gimmick is lacking substance, the storyline is non-existent, and the timeslots are not there.

Just like Shawn, if anything, he needs time on air to develop as a character and make himself a presence. The biggest thing that needs to happen as I’ve said so many times is the WWE needs to give him TIME! He has everything a top card needs, charisma, ability, and pure talent. WWE talks about how they want to wait for a good storyline to bring up new faces such as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and yet they are lacking to do such a thing with talent they already have. If the WWE would simply utilize their own roster the ratings will increase. Stop bringing back the HOF’ers and the wrestlers of old and give those timeslots to the guys in the back who work their tails off night in and night out at the house shows. You will be surprised at how much of a reaction the fans will give. One of these many men is Dolph Ziggler.