The Week of the March 11th – First Blog!

So our new layout is up. Looks snazzy. Things are getting pretty heated around here with Jay pissing people off for liking the end of Mass Effect. Seems I may have upset someone over at N4G for my Nintendo post, as well. I wanted to list a few coming changes to the site you should be aware of.


  • Steve (Ayame) is heading a new site on the Leviathyn Network called Jump ‘N Shoot. This will be our headquarters for anything mobile (phones, tablets, and some handheld gaming), casual gaming, and flash games.
  • All of the Flash Fridays, iPad Lounge, and any posts about PS Minis or DSi Store games will be moved there. They will also continue there and not on Leviathyn (except for a few link backs).
  • Leviathyn will hold all posts about current console and next-gen articles, reviews for console and handheld (3DS and Vita full games) games, and editorials.
  • We’ve added a bar to the top the of the site listing the Leviathyn Network.
    • SuplexMachine = wrestling blog
    • Jump ‘N Shoot = casual, flash, and mobile games
    • AnimeKiosk = anime blog
  • We also have a new section for Lists. All our of future Top 3, 5, 10, etc. will be located here with a few of them making the front page.
  • Check the right side of the page for our poll section. This will update every 2-3 days so get your votes in.
  • If you have any suggestions for the site or wish to help us write please send an e-mail to [email protected]



That’s all I got for you guys this week. Hope you all are enjoying the new look and content.