Behind the Scenes – Jump’nshoot

As some of you may know, Leviathyn was orginally an all-in-one game location about gaming news. This caused us so many problems, I can not stress enough what a complete disaster it has been trying to keep all parts of the industry under one roof.

First and foremost, the issue between hardcore and casual gamers. I am somewhere in the middle, but I’m not skilled enough to write an amazing entry on a hardcore game, so I stay away from writing those posts (believe me, you’ll thank me.) So I write reviews about indie games and casual games that you see for mobile devices and even flash games. But the issue arises, that no one who wants to read about Mass Effect 3, wants to see some post about what Zynga is doing next (unless it’s dying in a fire) or the newest game in the AppStore. You’ll cringe and go say some words I’d rather not have Google’s crawler index.

Believe it or not, same goes for casual gamers. Most will come in from some keywords used to find a review about a game in the market before purchasing and installing on their phone. And that’s about it.

So to keep things nice for both areas of the industry, we decided to run a second blog called Jump’NShoot –, which will cater to all the casual games in the industry. This should give us two really awesome blogs catering to two different types of gamers. It also allows us to redo the theme on Leviathyn, which we just put up yesterday. It has a much more hardcore gamer look if I say so myself. No one wants to see farmville cows here, unless of course it’s a post about killing them for burgers.


Aya out