Quick Review: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Vita)

I skipped this on the console as I felt it came out to close to the original’s release. I was glad to hear it would be a launch title for the Vita as I was ready for it and the new characters. I was a big fan of what Capcom did with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. They definitely delivered on a long awaited continuation of a fan favorite. They also did their best to bring the full console experience to Sony’s new handheld. Did they get it right? Oh hell yes!

First off, let me say this: 60 FRAMES PER SECOND. I have to give it to Capcom here. For them to take a highly stylized fighting game with a lot going on at once and keep the smoothness for a launch title bodes well for the Vita. This game truly shows off the beastly capabilities of Sony’s new baby. The graphics, while toned down just a tad (literally, not much at all), and the combo eccentric-ness a shade lower than the console versions does nothing to make the Vita version outstanding in presentation. I used this game to show off the Vita to my friends. Just taking out Zero (my main!) and hitting some combos in practice mode made them wow. The difference between the PSP and Vita in terms of what it can do is established greatly here.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for here with some added features. The story mode is here as well as a new figurine fighting mode. The new mode isn’t much to write home about but it can be fun if not just a time waster. Capcom also brought along all of the DLC and your paid-for PS3 versions won’t work here. Buy it all again or fire up the big boy to use it. I was a sucker and re-bought a costume pack so I can play Zero as Mega Man X.

A new touch control mode is added to allow newcomers and lazy people to pull off huge combos and specials with ease. This makes for online play a bit one-sided. Sure, you can set it so you only fight against those using the same control method as you but if you run into a random match with a touch moder, you’ll get slammed hard. Online works very well here and the lag is minimal to near nothing. As it has been a month since the Vita’s release, I find the match finder to be a bit slower than it was but there is definitely a community playing.

Capcom sacrificed very, very little to bring Marvel vs. Capcom to the Vita. The presentation and overall quality of this launch title is staggering and is high on my list for best game on the Vita right now. Don’t pass this up if you are a fan of fighting games and want something portable. If you’re looking for ridiculously hard combos and cancel mechanics you may want to look at BlazBlue, however. UMvC3 is for the casual and hardcore fighter and comic fanboy. You’ll be hard pressed to find something missing besides a character Capcom omitted (like a proper Mega Man!!).