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iPad Lounge – Crimson, Steam Pirates

Hello and welcome to an all new section on Leviathyn, iPad Lounge, where I’ll be showing off a new ipad game every Monday. Argh!!! This week the name of the game is one i have been playing for the past three days now nonstop, Crimson Steam Pirates.

The game play of Crimson is a simple, yet an effective one. The idea is to move your fleet of pirates across the seas to bring home the booty, free your ship mates, and rescue damsels in distress. The game play is broken down into storyboards, each new story being a turn based style game. Completing the story will unlock the next one and so on until you complete the chapter. There are plans to release more chapters to play, with currently three titles. Each new chapter costs just 99 cents to download and play. The first one is free with the free download.

The mechanics on playing is turn based, with you being able to use your finger to move the ships you command to any location. Once your turn is finished, the computer takes over and moves it’s fleet. You also have options for different commands such as a boarding a ship near by via grappler hook, moving your ship at full steam, and firing cannons at long distance.

I’ll say right now, the game is very appeasing. The graphics seem to all match the main theme  of the game. The entrance to the game works well too, with it’s simple buttons to navigate, it’s easy to understand where to go to with the exception of the login button. The text in the chapters can be somewhat hard to read, since they use a font that looks like hand writing. I have heard but have not experienced any crashes. Mostly I’ve heard of the game in mid play just closing, but since since it’s launch in august, perhaps the bugs have been ironed out.

You can get this game in the App Store on iTunes for FREE searching “Crimsom Steam Pirates

  • Chapter 2 “Famous Men & Mechanical Marvels” – $0.99
  • Chapter 3 “Fiendish Plots & Devious Devices“- $1.99

Crimson: Steam Pirates - Bungie Aerospace Corporation