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Could Wrestlemania 29 Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple?

If the Associated Press is to be believed (and if there was EVER a reputable source, the AP is IT), the answer to the headline is YES.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow announcing that Wrestlemania 29 will be held in MetLife Stadium, the two-year-old home to the New York Jets and Super Bowl champion Giants.

The Associated Press is reporting that “three sources close to the NFL, New Jersey politics and sports in northern New Jersey” reported the news.

Wrestlemania has become a money-making machine since the 2007 decision to use only football stadiums for the event. No Wrestlemania since 2007 has had less than 70,000 people in attendance, with over 80,000 occupying Ford Field in Detroit in 2008. Hosting Wrestlemania is not a one-day thing, either: the Wrestlemania Axxess events the week prior have brought even more financial gain to host cities. Last year, Atlanta hosted the spectacle , with 71,617 filling the Georgia Dome and generating millions of dollars for the city.

Having attended Wrestlemania 25 in Houston in 2009, I can honestly say there is NOTHING like The Show of Shows. This will be a huge win for the state of New Jersey, should it come true. Being a Philadelphian, I sure hope so, because THAT travel experience will be a lot easier than flying to Texas.

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UPDATE: WWE just confirmed this on their Facebook page.