Ron’s Most Wanted Feuds

What is the best way to describe the WWE since 2005? Missed opportunity. I always bring up 2005 as a huge turning point for the company. WWE was well on its way to changing to the PG era but the shows were still top notch and the roster had some depth left to it. When good ‘ol JR stepped down as the VP of Talent Relations and Johnny Ace took the job, things turned for the worse. It wasn’t just Johnny’s fault, though. The creative team was in a state of constant flux with people coming in and out. Things just didn’t meld together. In fact, some of the same issues back then are still around and some are even more obvious.

Enough about the issues, my main point is that WWE has missed some great opportunities for feuds that, in my opinion, would blow the roof off the place. Let’s take a look at the top five feuds I hope to see before it’s too late.


1) Stone Cold vs. CM Punk – This has been rumored and talked about to oblivion by now but there’s a reason for it. Austin has confirmed that he could do about 2 more years of full schedule work before completely retiring. Thing is, he doesn’t have and he knows it. Austin’s career is still going and he is no position to need to get in the ring. However, the twitter back-and-forth and promo on Raw before the big controversy have fueled fans into wanting this badly. If Austin is to have at least one more big WrestleMania, the best choice for him would be Punk. They mesh together in promos so well and to couple two very controversial performers in a tactical, high impact match would be great to watch.


2) John Morrison vs. Shawn Michaels – Michaels can still go but he won’t. I applaud him for actually retiring when he said he would but I feel sad that we won’t see a “passing of the torch” type scenario to the one performer that really reminds me of a young Michaels — John Morrison. Heel Morrison reminds me a lot of Michaels after the Rocker’s broke up. Sure, he needs to work on his promos but the way Morrison carried himself as ECW Champ made me see a new Heartbreak Kid in the making. If Morrison ever comes back and his mic skills improve, this feud would solidify Morrison as a future franchise player.


3) Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk – This looks like it may just happen, even if we get just a couple Raw matches until the Chamber PPV. When talking about active guys on the roster these days, those two top my list as the best. Some of my buddies say Punk is better while most say Jericho. Jericho has a lot of experience on his belt and has mastered every craft wrestling stars need to make it to the top and stay there. He’s always one of those guys that can walk away and come back whenever he wants and still have the crowd in the palm of his hand. Punk has evolved to a top level guy who has proved he can carry the company as champion and front man. Seeing these two collide in a big match situation would be a treat for any wrestling fan.


4) Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker – I stated in a recent article that I believe if anyone on the roster stands to make the most from a Taker/Mania match it is Barrett. Wade is in a position to take the reigns and be what WWE wanted Sheamus to be with his fast push. He has all the tools that made a great superstar. If this is Undertaker’s last ‘Mania, then give the chance to Barrett to have a classic match or even be the one to finally break the streak. This would cement Wade’s career as long as creative works the post-match for him well. Which is well, doubtful but Barrett can make something out of anything right now.


5) Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan – Bryan has a lot of fans backstage as a guy who can work with anyone and make it work. He wouldn’t need to do too much of that with Cody. This feud has technical greatness written all over it. A throwback to the classic matches some of the Radicals had back in the day. Rhodes has had a great run with the IC title and to see him go up against someone with just as much talent and versatility in the ring is something I get crazy for. I called Bryan’s quasi-heel gimmick a fail in my Road to WrestleMania. He still has a chance to get back in the audience’s favor and save his reign as champ. Having him and Cody feud up to the Chamber match (ala Punk and Jericho on Raw) should show creative and the execs that these two could put on a hell of a show.


Honorable Mention: Kurt Angle vs. CM Punk – Geez, three Punk matches. Well, to be honest, who wouldn’t want to work with Punk? If Angle was still in the WWE (or returned) he would as well. These technical juggernauts could tear through the audience with an intensity that only Angle could bring and a story that Punk could weave that breeds enough interest to catapult this to any main event. One of my favorite matches with Angle is his WrestleMania throwdown with HBK. That stole the show and this feud could very well be even better.