C’mon WWE, Female Farts? Really? Really!?

Really? I wholeheartedly agree with Smith Hart on this one. On Twitter, Natalya’s uncle mentioned that he is appalled by this new gimmick and who isn’t? Natalya is one of the best women to enter the WWE in quite some time and coming off the heels of my Women’s Wrestling post a couple weeks back, this does nothing to help its advancement at all. It is hard to see someone like Natalya being reduced to this crap along with quick 1-2 minute squash matches. I applaud her for going along with the gimmick, if only just to show her dedication to the company, but c’mon WWE!

Natalya is not only a strong wrestler but a decent talker and shines through her attitude and demeanor in the ring. She truly looks happy to be there and perform for the crowd. A friend of mine met her before the last show in Philadelphia and said she was incredible nice.

When you have someone like that on your roster in a division that is sorely lacking and ignored, use them for all they got! The Divas of Doom was a great storyline that could have only been better if Kharma didn’t have to take an early leave.

It’s not just about this new gimmick for one Diva, its the entire division. It has been reduced to quick, entirely forgetful matches and impromptu tag matches on PPV’s. WWE has the assets to have a Women’s Division just as strong as when Trish and Lita led the charge with women like Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Eve, and Kelly Kelly. Give some air time to those who train their hardest to compete and put on a great show for their fans. Am I the only one who wants to see a Diva’s title match back on the WrestleMania card?