Is It Wrong To Be A Chris Benoit Fan?

Obviously, Chris Beniot is very touchy subject in the wrestling industry. Nearly all accounts of his time with WWE have been barred from view and his name is not to be mentioned. The tragedy that happened to the Benoit family is just that: tragic. Tragic in several ways, most important the waste of a good family, but also the destruction of a future hall of famer’s career. Benoit entertained fans for years and was a part of one of my favorite matches of all time: the triple threat title match at WrestleMania 20. His high-risk, low reward career was finally justified with his 2004 Royal Rumble victory and subsequent win at the biggest stage of them all. His feuds with Kurt Angle, Booker T, and the tribute match with Bret Hart were some of my fondest memories as a wrestling fan. I’m a sucker for technical guys. So when I ask “is it wrong to be a Chris Benoit fan”, I ask because I try my hardest not to remember the end but hold onto those great matches and memories that he was a part of.

Whenever Chris Benoit comes up in my circle of friends, the elephant is always brought up first: the end. I immediately retort by saying that I’m still a Benoit fan. I may hate his guts for what he did but as a wreslter I am still a fan. People find it so hard to say that but in this industry the guys that enter that ring try their damnedest to make you care about that persona, not their real lives. No one wants to know Paul Levesque. They want to know Triple H. Fans don’t care about Mark Calaway. As long as that gong rings and the dreadful Deadman steps through the curtains, all is well. So why is it that so many people discredit Benoit’s wrestling legacy because of the personal destruction he brought upon his family? No one can take away from what happened. It was wrong, brutal, and disgusting. As I said, I hate him for it. I’d rather he have taken his own life and let his family grieve then take them. However, when I think of Benoit my mind goes back to the great battles he had and the headbutts from the top rope.

I feel that with all the focus on the negativity, people have forgotten what Benoit did for the industry. He showed that through dedication and willpower you can reach the top. This has happened for Mark Henry and Jerry Lawler since then. Lawler may not have won the title but he was brought back into the limelight with The Miz and given a great program to work with. Henry was finally gifted the same title Benoit won after years and years of faithful service to the WWE. Benoit was champion and a soldier.

In the end, he succumbs to whatever haunted him. With brain scans showing abnormality after abnormality, we will never know exactly what happened to Benoit to make him go off the proverbial deep end but I don’t know want to know. It will never excuse what happened. I just try not to think about it. I think WWE was right in keeping Benoit and any mentions of him off the air but to completely discredit and abolish from any written records is a shame.

I am a Chris Benoit fan. Not for the man. For the entertainer.


Is this wrong? Do you feel differently or the same? Please comment below and let your thoughts known.

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  1. landon618

    It’s all up to the person.

    Chris Benoit, Professional Wrestler: One of my favorites
    Chris Benoit, Husband and Father: Not so much

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