William Regal Wants A Title Shot, Asks Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s mentor has asked him for a title shot on Twitter. Here is the full tweet:

“I’ve never asked @WWEDanielBryan for anything for my help and guidance over the years.So now perhaps it’s time.”

“I still want to be the first English World Champion.I would like@WWEDanielBryan to grant me a title shot.@WWE pay attention.”

There are a few more tweets from Regal mentioning how many approvals from fans he is getting from tweets and is trying his best – digitally – to make WWE aware of this.

I do have a problem with this and its that Regal hasn’t been WWE/World champ yet. In his WWE career, Regal has been Tag Team champ 4 times, Intercontinental champ 2 times, Hardcore champion 3 times, held the European 4 times, and was King of the Ring. With a decorated veteran like this who has done so much for up and coming talent and severely helped new ECW stay afloat, it is crazy that he hasn’t held the top position on the roster. Regal says he doesn’t deserve a title shot but he wants one. Sorry, you do deserve a title shot. A title run, even!

Regal is an expert in the ring and has the ability to turn a bad match into at least something. He can work with anyone and he has proved that he was command a crowd. Regal has been an amazing heel as times and one hilarious fellow. Not only would WWE get some fantastic matches out of Regal as champ, it would justly award him for all the work he has done for the company like Mark Henry. It has taken quite some time, but it should be Regal’s big chance to make an all-star program at the top. Here’s to hoping!