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WWE’s Support of SOPA: Can’t really be surprised.

SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. Three bills that are circulating around our government that can seriously harm the internet and our freedoms. A possible gateway to much larger and worse legislation, the American people have rallied together and shown enormous displease with these acts. In a grand design on the 18th, several widely popular sites and much more blacked out in protest. While SOPA is the act being thrown around the most, many sites showed info and disapproval of the other two – PIPA and ACTA. While many supporters ditched these legislations on the 18th and 19th, there are still some stalwart champions of there clauses. One of them being WWE.

You can’t really blame WWE for supporting these acts, though. As terrible as they are, and trust me SuplexMachine and the rest of the Dropstr Network does not support them, WWE has a lot ridding on them. It is not secret to those who follow online wrestling new that WWE’s stock and worth is not doing so great these days. While they hope that the upcoming WWE Network may solve their problems, eliminating others is their number one focus. It has to be. What would be a great way to help get some revenue back in the fold? Kill off the streaming sites. With SOPA passed, this would be a simple phone call away to get the gears moving. With every year WWE’s Pay-Per-View buyrates get lower and lower. This could be thanks to the growing number of streaming sites and download sites that pass along the programs for free. Doing such theses are always risky due to detection by ISP’s and trackers but it hasn’t stopped people from doing it. Doing a quick google search for WWE Survivor Series 2011 download yielded some interesting results. Hundreds, some times thousands, or people skip out of the payment for these programs. Is supporting these horrendous acts the best way of beating the streams?

One could argue that the product isn’t worth $40 to $60 per PPV. The roster and stories aren’t strong enough to make the purchase worthwhile. If you had the ability to fast forward, how much of the show would you skip? With the low quality of non-main event stories, with many of the recent PPV’s I’d find myself skipping any match that wasn’t main event or showcasing Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler.

The big question is: with all the streaming, downloads, and low buyrates can you really blame WWE for supporting these acts? As crappy as it is to admit, I can’t. They actually stand to lose with the way things are, unlike some of the complaining companies. One again, I don’t support these acts but I can’t find myself being mad at WWE for supporting them. In the end, with the way our commitment has been, they won’t pass. Things will stay the way they are and WWE will have to either hope the Network succeeds over their projections or evolve the product. I hope for the latter.