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Women in Wrestling: Fix it.

Women in wrestling will always be around. It’s a staple but for all the wrong reasons. When I look at WWE and their Divas division, I get mad at what they’ve squandered away. Back in the 90’s and even parts of the early 2000’s, the Women’s Division was hot — in more way one way. The talent that went into the ring and laid it all on the line in the form of Lita, Ivory, Trish, Sable, Victoria, Molly Holly, and more. These women kicked ass in the ring and could put a show on that would keep people in their seats. When things started to change around 2005 or so, WWE changed the focus with women as extremely sexy females who could kick ass to extremely sexy females who could show off. When you started to see Lita as arm candy and Trish on her way out it was sad to see how the state of the Women’s Division went so low.

With the arrival of the reformed Diva’s Division, the talent flow didn’t stop with Mickie James, Layla, Michelle McCool, and Maria. Obviously, there were more names and I don’t mean to forget to mention them, but the point is that no matter how hard Fit Finley and others tried to train these Divas the landscape had already changed. I felt bad for people like Mickie James and Michelle McCool who push so much into their rise within the ranks just to see the integrity of the title stripped away. Even now when you have great talents like Natalya, Beth Phoenix, and Alicia Fox you gotta feel bad that all this hard work is for nothing. The crowd just isn’t into their division anymore and I blame Vince and the other executives. I enjoyed 90’s Women’s wrestling in WWE. I enjoyed early on in the 2000’s, as well. I like the women I see out there but why should I? They do a great job at trying to make me like them but I wonder why there is a women’s division in “this” WWE, at all.

When it comes down to it, women looking to make a break in the wrestling industry who view TNA as their top goal.

TNA’s Knockouts division is the absolute best women’s wrestling you can find on TV right now. The Knockouts not only bring it all and wrestle their brains out but they get the attention and air time on the program. You can see that with TNA’s Knockouts its not all “well I better grab my coke and nachos now” and more “holy crap did you see what she did!?”. I applaud the Knockouts and TNA for doing to women’s wrestling what it needs the most right now: exposure in the right way. Even WWE’s Divas that either lost their jobs or ended their contracts and went over to TNA have found great success there. Tara (Victoria) is a great mention as well as Mickie James. These women are getting the respect they deserve at TNA. I can remember when Mickie first got on TNA and her cat fights with Tara were amazing. So much emotion and even great matches and promos. That is wrestling. With women. The way it should be. Take notes WWE.

Now it’s not all big leagues and primetime TV that has all the great women. One of the biggest names I can think of is Sara Del Rey. She is fantastic and needs to be on TV now. Please, go to TNA. Stay away from WWE until they fix their division. Sure, the money and fan exposure is enticing (especially in a low pay industry like wrestling) but your career, matches, and level of respect will be much higher in the Dixie Carter camp.

Another indie name that just, unfortunately, just signed a developmental deal with WWE is Britani Knight. This extremely talented and lovely woman will soon be highlighting FCW and hopefully either RAW or Smackdown. Although she’ll be tagged in meaningless matches or be fodder for Kharma’s eventual return, I really hope they give her a look and a respectable run. They took a risk with a young talent like Kelly Kelly and it paid off with huge crowd pops and even Michael Cole bad mouthing (which seems to be a “you got it, kid” type of reaction nowadays). They did it once, they can do it again.

Oh, one more name I gotta throw out there. AJ. The Geek Goddess. I’ve always seen such great potential in her for a fan favorite and underdog who will almost always get the crowd behind her. It is so sad to see her reduced to tag team matches where the focus is always on the champ or the top stars and being run over by the Big Show for being “Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend”.

This is a plead to WWE and TNA. WWE, fix your crap and get your women’s division back in line. TNA, keep up the great work. All the up and coming women, good luck and keep kicking ass.

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  1. Joe

    Alicia Fox is a TERRIBLE wrestler.  She botches SOOOOOO many moves.  Take her match with Natalya a few weeks ago; she couldn’t even take an Irish Whip properly.  Or the week prior to that when she botched her Flipping Leg Drop & booted Beth Phoenix in the face with her heel.  She’s a good looking woman & has athletic talent, but she’s a pretty bad wrestler…

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