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What is WWE doing with NXT?

NXT has been lost in obscurity since the end of Season 2. People even started to tune out by then. With 4 seasons down and the fifth still chucking on, one has to ask, what is going on with the season?

Each week more and more non-NXT wrestlers are appearing on the show and take up time that WWE originally made the show for – “rookies”. During season 1 it was rare to see competition between two “pros” but as time went on this occurred more frequently. It’s easy to say that the format for the show doesn’t help exemplify what the rookies can really do and that most of the show is just filler anyways. With season 5, Redemption, this became even more blatantly obvious. Now, with half the show being given to wreslters who have fallen off RAW and/or Smackdown’s graces, the show is looking more and more like a crappy new ECW.

I say that because at the tail end of the new ECW’s run, the show was a hot spot for budding talent and veterans who helped show them off to the crowd. It was the starting for guys like CM Punk, Zach Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, and more while serving as a great way to watch old favorites like William Regal and Goldust. I loved the last few months of the new ECW and felt that if they just changed the name of the show it would have gotten more ratings and a longer lasting contract.

Perhaps that is the best thing to do with NXT. Maybe WWE sees this and is slowly evolving the show to be that. NXT has a great opportunity to be the rookie/veteran show that SuperStars first had. Keep the main eventers off or have a rare appearance here and there. Keep the focus on the young guys trying to hit the top and go over the veterans. I, for one, want to see Regal do what he does best: bring the best out in new talent. I want to see guys like Titus O’Neil and Johnny Curtis actually wrestle and give promos. I don’t want to see how well they can walk through tires or carry a keg to earn useless points.

WWE has an influx of rookies and guys who need more time before hitting the big shows. Get NXT on the ball and a focused show with the upcoming Network.