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The Ultimate Troll: Chris Jericho?

credit to y2jeritroll's tumblr

Chris Jericho has been back for three weeks now and with every Monday that passes, the man continues to troll the audience with his actions. With weeks of build up using the 1/2/12 promos, some may say (well, are saying) that Jericho hasn’t lived up to the hype and needs to talk. For those who have followed Jericho since the start, they know exactly what is going on. He is proving a point. What point is that? That he has us in the palm of his hand. The man can walk into a ring and command an audience with such prowess that he can do it even by just walking in the building and letting his shirt light up. Laughing, taking pictures with the crowd, crying, tagging out. It is all a part of his plan. He is waiting for the crowd to absolutely hate him for what he is doing. The more you cheer him the longer this goes on.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say he is trolling the audience, either. He isn’t particularly trolling. He is controlling. Jericho is doing what he has been able to do since his glory days in WCW: make you love him or hate him. This time, he’s just proving it without a word.

Of course, wrestling is wrestling and things change so much it is too hard to accurately predict anything. This very well could be Jericho’s newest role but I expect him to do one thing with this: win the Royal Rumble. That’s right. I am picking Jericho to win the Rumble and stroll into RAW the next day and proclaim himself the very best at what he does. Control us.