The Dream Legends House

So WWE is really going through with this show idea for the Network. Not the best way to help promote an entire channel but it could be something if they pick the right people. A few Legends have come forward to say that they will not appear on the show while some are discussing how brilliant the idea could be for a disaster in the making. Here is who I would pick to make Legends House great:

1. Roddy Piper – The Prankster
2. Ted DiBiase – The “Head of the House”
3. Dusty Rhodes – The Opinionated One
4. Jim Duggan – The Crazy Patriot
5. Tony Atlas – The One Who Laughs At Everything
6. Jesse Ventura – The Guy Who Trusts No One
7. Ricky Steamboat – The Reasonable One
8.  The Iron Sheik – The Unreasonable One

I don’t know about you, but I’d watch this every week. The way some of these guys would interact would be comedic gold. Duggan yelling at the TV about how the country isn’t how it is supposed to be while DiBiase demands the channel changed to his highlights on WWE Classics. Sheik screaming aout Hulk Hogan with Steamboat trying to calm him down. I could go on but I do believe this is the best line-up for the Legends House.

If you disagree or have a better line-up, say so in the comments!

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