Ric Flair, TNA, and the WWE Hall of Fame

Since the announcement of the Four Horsemen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, news has been focused on Ric Flair and his participation in the event. As all (should) know, Flair was essential to the group and really employed the lifestyle that the Horsemen showed on TV. Not having Ric at the ceremony would cheapen the induction in my eyes. Fans and bloggers have taken the challenge up to find out what is going to happen on March 31st in Miami. One person was able to get Ric to say “I’ll be there” on camera during an autograph session but recently news of possible legal woes for WWE have risen. TNA may have standing to sue to WWE for trying to use Flair, a contracted person, to sell tickets and DVD sales for the Hall of Fame ceremony and future WrestleMania 28 discs. You can’t deny the fact that Flair always managed to put butts in seats but having a contracted TNA wrestler show up on WWE programming should help ticket sales and so forth.

Ric showed up as a fan at last year’s Hall of Fame ceremony with a purchased ticket. One could argue that, being Ric Flair, the man can attend any kind of wrestling event he wants. Flair was one of the biggest contributors to the territorial days of wrestling and one of the pioneers to bringing the industry into public eyes.