Chyna’s Twitter Meltdown

Former WWE Diva and Intercontinental champion Chyna took to Twitter Wednesday and Tuesday blasting her former boss Vince McMahon. With a never ending series of comments, Chyna blames Vince for ruining her life and calls him out. With such classics as:

“Knock knock who’s scared of a great big bully (that I made since no one else will join) Not me!!! Let’s go Vince! I am not scared of you!”

Oh, and also:

“OH Yeah!!! Here I come!!!! I feel strong and happy and now I’m pissed. Move out of my way. U’ll get run over….. Probably for real w Vince. ”

Chyna continues on and on while constantly throwing in hype about the AVN’s (Adult Entertainment awards show). Chyna herself has been quite busy lately, especially in the same industry that host the awards show she is attending. A story broke out just a couple weeks ago about Chyna’s going rates as an escort and her new job as a stripper.

All-in-all, Chyna has a lot to chalk up to “ruining” her life. I, for one, don’t her life is ruined at all. There is a lot of potential left in her from wrestling to just doing porn. It seems people will pay for her to be filmed one way or the other so embrace it, make money, and stop using Twitter. Please, stop using Twitter.