No reason to worry about Vita’s data plans

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Thanks to CES 2012, we know not only know the US launch titles for the Vita but now the data plan details. AT&T announced today that with the Vita’s launch next month, owners of the 3G/Wi-Fi version of Son’y newest handheld will be able to activate one of two plans straight on the device itself. Not only is that very hassle free, but the data plans aren’t half bad. I say that because Sony has said from the start that the Vita’s 3G capabilities are meant for the social interactions built into the device and not full multiplayer play. Although the data cap may seem small to some the fact that there are no term contracts attached to the plan negates any problem I have with it. I have a First Edition Vita pre-ordered so I’ll have access to 3G but I can’t see myself using it for very data-intensive things. Occasional Skype calls and quick web browsing with a pinch of Sony’s Near software will be the most I use. I believe this is exactly what Sony is looking for with user’s 3G usage. For this and a bit more, the 2gig $25/month price tag seems very fair.

Aside from the price and caps, a lot of hubb lubb has been had since Sony announced AT&T as the 3G provider for America. Being a cell phone fanatic, I have switched providers more than I’d like to count or even admit. I have been on AT&T service twice (from 2000-2005 and again back in 2010 to mid 2011). Back in the early 2000’s AT&T service across the board was awful for me in the greater Philadelphia area and its suburbs. With frequent dropped calls, very spotty 3G and slow edge data, and inconsistent costumer service, I was very happy to leave AT&T back then. When I had returned in 2010, I thought I was taking a big risk but I was very happy to see improvements in some areas. While the call quality and amount of drops improved somewhat, I still had sub-par results compared to say Sprint or Verizon. However, AT&T has drastically improved their data signal strengths and coverage. I’d go as far as to even say that AT&T 3G service is the best in the nation. I never had data outages and the speeds were consistent. This makes me happy to know that if I did spend the money for a data plan on my Vita next month, I’ll get good service in all areas I travel to.

With no call worries or contracts in tow, I don’t see why so many are worried about the Vita’s AT&T choice. Unless you’re in an area where AT&T’s service is spotty and/or nonexistent, people should feel pretty optimistic about next month. With over 25 launch day titles and a ton of window titles hitting within 1-3 weeks of February 22nd, the Vita’s US launch is looking very promising. Also, unlike the Japanese launch, the US launch features software that appeals to the western gaming crowd. I, for one, don’t agree that the Vita is in any trouble. Sure, sales are light, but once a Monster Hunter or a mech title reach player’s hands you’ll see Japan jump on Sony’s guns just like the PSP.

I am looking for the Vita’s launch and getting mine on the 15th from Amazon. Stay tuned to Leviathyn next month for Vita coverage from us and all around the gaming world.

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    • Ron Hoffecker

      Too bad I already got rid of my 3DS, haha. I mainly got it for Mega Man Legends 3 and Ocarina 3D. After Capcom cancelled Legends and I beat Ocarina again, I saw no reason to keep the handheld after seeing the slow, slow release schedule.

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