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Air Penguin: Review from a babyboomer or a review from a non-tech mom

Leviathyn Guest Writer: Pattie Basile

Review: Air Penguin (for Android & iOS)

Okay here I go, my first review for a game. I finally broke down and got a smart phone (Android). I feel that my phone is definitely smarter than me, and so is Air Penguin. I started playing and three days later I am still stuck trying to jump over sharks, bounce on floating ice, and trying not to get speared by some frickin flying swordfish. It is definitely a fun and entertaining game, but after a while the little bastard just starts to wear on your nerves. I was so excited when I thought I had beat the swordfish, finally I could see my way clear, more sharks appeared, that’s okay I beat them before, keep going a few more ice things and then out of no where another frickin swordfish appeared and speared me. Are you kidding me? I have over come walrus, moving ice thingys and sharks to be done in by some stupid flying swordfish. Ok enough of that, now for the review…

Game Play

The way you play the game is by tilting your phone, flipping the penguin into the air and bouncing off the floating ice like he is jumping on a trampoline. It is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. As you are jumping you try to land on the floating ice that has fish on them.They look like Pepperidge Farms fish. The fish will help you be able to purchase things to help you get thru the level. I did not need anything until I met the swordfish. I think I will call him Moriarty. You can purchase a parachute to slow the fast flying tricky little bastard down. Unfortunately I ran out of fish so I am stuck trying to make my way over Moriarty.

There are other parts of the game when you slide on your belly on the ice making your way around walrus and avoid falling into holes in the ice. You can jump onto the back of a turtle and ride on his back like a raft. The idea is to get through a pack of ice to a larger piece of floating ice that has a flag on it. The game definitely kept me interested. For someone like myself who rarely plays games this helped pass time while waiting for something good to come on TV although my cursing at the phone was not too good for anyone else in the room.  You might want to play when there are no little kids around. No wait you might need the little tech nerds to help you get through the level from hell.I also found myself shaking the crap out of my phone thinking I was strangling the penguin for not getting past the sharks or the swordfish. I am still waiting to see if I have done irreparable damage to my phone. I would ask my sons but the youngest (age 22) is a die hard gamer and would not be caught dead playing something called air penguin. Even though it has sharks there is still not enough blood and violence for him. My other son (age 24) asked me to write a review for Leviathyn so he wants me to beat the game which is not going to happen hence the title of non-tech mom. I don’t have a problem with putting down the phone and walking away.

Game Design

The design itself is very well done. The characters are kid friendly. Even though it has sharks that might eat the penguin they are not scary, but then again when I was in my 20’s I left my 10 year old nephew watch Alien with me. He turned out just fine.

I really do enjoy playing the game. I have gone back to the levels that I enjoyed the most and played them over again. The music and sound effects are fun to listen to. I would definitely recommend this game for anyone looking for a casual game to play. Just don’t take it personal when Moriarty spears you for the 100th time.

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