What about the PS Vita? “no comment”

Via GameInformer, Bloomberg Japan asked for comment on the Vita’s disappointing early performance and all SCE PR head Satoshi Fukuoka had to say was, “no comment”. And with that, my “comment”

I’ve been doing a lot of research over this slow holiday week and it’s mostly about the next handheld console coming to the US in February, the PlayStation Vita. What I’ve been finding in my research is somewhat troublesome and if the market predicts this the way they have laid it out, it will not be good for the Vita.

Earlier today Forbes put out an article relating to the sales of the Vita in Japan, currently off from the opening sales of 320 K units down to a mere 72 K. They compare the sales to the Nintendo 3DS and the earlier cousin of the Vita, the PlayStation Portable (PSP). That’s a 78% drop in sales during the Christmas week.

Exactly what is at play here with the sale of the PS Vita?

Price – Did Sony learn nothing about the disaster launch of the PlayStation 3? While understanding, most of us expected the Vita to cost more than the price set ($249), but here’s the deal, the economy is in the slumps, it looks like 2012 will be a bear’s market. Bit the bullet and lower the price, I know it may feel like a bad move now, but your NEED to bring more customers through the door (platform).

Market – Over at Venturebeat, they interviewed Icon Games, which is building two games for the Vita. They explained how much the costs were and if they’ll be able to pull off good sales for their first two titles, Build’n Race Extreme and Pub Games. The problem they face is market reach, will there be enough devices in the market to drive enough sales for these games instead of going the mobile market?

Demand – I asked one of our writers and Co-founder of this site, Ronald, what he thought about the sales of the PS Vita. After what seemed like a few hours (I do drive him crazy with these), he simply told me that his reasoning was that the Vita doesn’t have any “major games” released yet in the lineup. I think we both agreed the sales seem to be going the way of the PSP, slow at first, but it’s mainly because of this no major game title launch. Sadly since they threw all casual games out, we have nothing to run with there. But if I had a guess, there will be a game in the near future (when the US version launches), that will start increasing the sales. The question, have those developers already left and gone to the mobile market? Only time will tell…


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