How Not To Get Hacked On Xbox Live: A Handy Trick You May Not Know About

Hello friends!

Have you been reading about the countless Xbox Live hacks that have arisen? Are you worried that someone will break into your Xbox Live account and make you purchase insane amounts of Xbox Live points that you can’t even use? Well, there’s a little trick already inside your system that Microsoft hasn’t quite mentioned. In fact, they’ve only mentioned it to those that have already been hacked to avoid future hacks. Here’s what you do:

-Obviously, turn the Xbox on.

-From the main menu, head over to “Settings.”

-From there, go to “Account,” then click it.

-Scroll over to the “Your Information” slide, then highlight and click the “Password at Sign In” option.

-Select “All Other Consoles.”

What you just did is simple: you told Microsoft that any time your account/profile/whatever you want to call it leaves your initial Xbox 360 and transfers to a new one, the password of the Windows Live ID you registered the account on is required. This isn’t the security button presses, this is the password you use to access the Windows Live ID, whether on Xbox Live,, or whatever other Windows Live areas you focus on. It’s a simple process, and it protects your account from anyone who tries to hack into it for some free digital currency…unless of course your password is simple, like “cat” or “123456789.” In which case, you should probably fix the password itself before changing to this.

Neat, huh? A friend of mine who recently suffered through a hack related this to me straight from Xbox Support’s mouth. I know I feel a bit better about the whole security thing now, don’t you?