Flash Fridays – Paper Cannon 2

Konichiwa, Aya here to bring you this week’s flash game! I decided this week to pick a somewhat new game and wing it, boy was I in for a surprise. Paper Cannon 2 is one tricky and somewhat painful game. You don’t wanna miss this week’s review, here on Flash Fridays.

This game in simple terms is just fun. You are the cannon, you have unlimited ammo, and the object is to shoot the cannon balls to the infected creatures, without harming the pink ones. The balls explode in a few seconds and if you play your cards right, you’ll kill the infected ones and move on to the next round.

But be warned, this game can be hard. Although you think the unlimited ammo may be a plus, it is sooo easy to kill the wrong creatures. You may end up screaming at your screen, I know I did. :p

I did not play the first edition of this game, hence the “2”, but now I’m going to have to find out! Aya, signing out.

Play the game at AddictingGames.com

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