Holiday Revisit: Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

As the holidays approach, Leviathyn is here to help you remember some of the great games of 2011 with some mini-reviews. Jot these titles down on your shopping list and enjoy some quality gaming. Happy holidays!

It is near impossible not to bring up 2000’s smash hit and the original Deus Ex when talking about Human Revolution. Deus Ex is one of those games that whenever someone mentions it on a forum or article, someone is grabbing their CD’s to reinstall it. A marvelous story with deep gameplay and exciting action for that time, Deus Ex is a classic and to some a masterpiece. It was unfortunate that the sequel, Invisible War, did not live up to the expectations that fans had which had to have put even more pressure on Eidos to make Human Revolution all it could be and more.

Human Revolution is a prequel to the original game and tells the tale of Adam Jensen, a security officer for one of the leading firms researching the evolution of the human body. When Adam’s firm is hit by a terrorist attack which leaves him near death and his old love interest and head scientist dead, his life is changed forever. Literally, Adam is changed. The firm could not afford to lose Adam’s expertise at a time like this and therefore saves his life by giving him Augmentations, a very controversial technology. When Adam rejoins the firm, he is put into action immediately to help save the firm’s credibility and assets. What happens from them and to the end of the game is a fantastic roller coaster of espionage, betrayal, conspiracy, and more. Human Revolution really brings the heat in every chapter of the story.

With that said, I was never bored with this game. The side quests were interesting enough to keep me motivated to do them. If you get a quest and think it seems uninteresting, trust me, complete it and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Many of the side quests coincide with the main quest so doing them will inch you further in the right direction anyways. The stories and characters you meet help make the main quest more enjoyable. It also helps that the gameplay in Human Revolution is a blast. Adam is already a juggernaut with his Augmentations and it doesn’t matter if you are being stealthy or assaulting, you will enjoy every takedown. With upgrades, you feel almost like a super hero while you punch through walls, jump nine feet in the air, fall from any height, track enemies through walls, and much more. In fact, the way Adam is towards the mid and end of the game is a point that the game is trying to make. Augmentations take the human body to reaches never thought possible and that scares people. The morals of this are heavy and placed upon the player in interesting ways. A great point to remember is that Adam’s augmentations were put on him without his consent. Do they help? Oh yes! Is it what he wants? Your decision. The way you place your thoughts, actions, and discussions brings you to an amazing ending (which there are several) and a satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

Human Revolution isn’t perfect, however. The voice acting and graphics sometimes don’t stay up on par. There are times when talking to an NPC, especially in Shanghai, where the voices sound like they are directly ported from the studio. It makes the conversations a bit annoying and take you out of the experience just a tad. The graphics are great if you’re on a high end system but at points in the game they look muddy and outdated. These are my only cons for Human Revolution. Besides those, I quite enjoyed my time playing it. I beat the game in 25 hours and immediately started up a new save. I played stealthy as I feel the game is much more rewarding that way. You can’t go wrong with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you are a fan of shooters or just great storytelling, buy this one.