PlayStation Plus Also Has An Update

Sony’s PlayStation also has an update this week, scheduled for December 7th, or this Wednesday. Tis the season we figure:

This month we have Tomb Raider: Underworld as our main title included with your subscription.

Anyway, while you’re raiding tombs in a low-cut top, make sure you also check out your other offers this month, including Cool Boarders for PSone, and your requisite minis. From the 14th December you’ll also be able to grab a copy of Marvel Pinball from Zen Studios at no extra cost. If flippers are your thing and you like the game, we’ve also secured 50% off the first two DLC packs for you too.

Split/Second: Velocity is included at no extra cost in yourPlus subscription this month.

Alongside the other bits and pieces this month, we’ve also got a Goldeneye 007: Reloaded demo for you a week before it hits the rest of the Store on the 14th, so enjoy your early playtest of Bond’s latest PS3outing.

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