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Hello and welcome to this week on iPad lounge, I’ll be discussing an iPad game I’ve had for some time now and I must say, it’s one of my all time favorites. I’ll just say this right now, if you’re anything like me and enjoy sim based games, you’ll enjoy this game. You may remember playing a few similar games like this on your Windows 98 machine (really, they had computers in 1998)You don’t want to miss today’s review here, on iPad Lounge!

Game Play

Tiny Tower has all the simple hand gestures you need. The simplicity in this game is the bonus, there is no crazy hand movements to keep the game going, unlike some other sim based games which get way too detailed, Tiny Tower keeps it simple. You start of going through the tutorial setting up the first three floors in your tower. The object is simple, build more floors to bring in more people, bring in the money, repeat. You start off building an apartment and a restraunt to get you going.

You need residents in your apartments to give them jobs at your stores. Each store needs a special amount of workers and you can increase output by selecting the right type of person for the job. You can earn Bux (in game currency) by taking people up the elevator, once in a while you’ll get VIP members visiting your glamorous skyscraper and give you bonuses depending on the person. You can cut down on construction time, fill an entire apartment, or increase sales with a star.

Like in the last paragraph I touched on Bux, which is not the same as the cash you get from selling goods. These Bux are used for things like:

  • Upgrading the Elevator (faster elevator shortens the time)
  • Speeding up construction or restocking items
  • Selling all of selected item in store

You can get Bux by purchasing them in the Menu / Get Bux. Apparently they’re are a ton of different floor styles to pick, I believe someone said somewhere around 267 floors worth. So if you can last that long and keep building up and up, you’ll eventually run out of different stores / apartments. I know since the launch, the game has been updated and is planned for more updates.

Game Design

The design is simple, the look is that of a 16bit game, and it smells of the older times with 2D styled scrolling games. I personally love it, the design and layout was a pretty well thought out idea. On the iPad, when moving an elevator up or down, I found that you don’t necessarily have to push the up/down arrow, the screen is split int he middle. There is a few things that do bug me, one of the most annoying is when the elevator calls, you can not bring the person back to ground and wait until you need the person. Let me elaborate, this scenario is when you select a VIP person and find out that there is no way to use the person at the time (Ugh, I have the Realtor for the apartment, but the floor isn’t finished). This means your VIP was wasted and you’ll just have to hope for a new one later.

You can also be asked to find people and in exchange you’ll be given a Bux. But this can become a nightmare when you have more and more floors, scrolling all the way up and down trying to find the person. And I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended, but usually the person you’re looking for in the game freezes where ever they were until you find them. Meaning they could be like right at the end of the screen, making it a good challenge to find them, or worse, behind someone.

But overall the small nags I have with the game, don’t get confused by my ranting, this game is fun. The hardest part is you’ll be wishing you could only build faster, but that’s what the Bux are there for. The can get the game  for the iPhone and iPad (iOs devices) and only selected models of android phones. (I have it, my friend doesn’t )

Tiny Tower at the AppStore – FREE

Tiny Tower for Android – FREE

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