Flash Fridays – Good Game Farmer

Good Game Farmer

Konnichiwa, Aya here this week to bring you a simulator game called Good Game Farmer. As many of you already know about the popular Farmville, I decided to give this one a go and see the comparisons between the two. This is Flash Fridays…

Ok so today I decided to take a look at an alternative from the more famous Farmville from Zynga, Good Game Farmer from Good Game Studios. I must admit, i’m not entirely in love with these type of games but I figured to give it a go at least and see if it could capture my attention. When the game loads you have the option of just playing the game or creating an account in which you can save and reuse later. For this demo I decided just to create a random username to give it a go.

The game starts off by giving you a simple tutorial on how to play the game. Like all farm based games, the idea is simple, you grow crops or animals on a farm and harvest / sell them for profit and expand your farm. You can visit the market in which you can buy supplies and or get others to help you farm. The game is a simple point and click to keep those crops growing and harvesting, but you’ll need more items later on if you want to truly build the ultimate farm.

There are a ton of options in the game for adding things to your farm. From some simple new plants to a barn and expanded your farm. I can totally see why it doesn’t take long for people to spend a few hours building a virtual farm. Over all, this is one of the better flash versions of a farmville I have seen, there are a few others and I’ll probably be reviewing them here as well.

Aya’s score: 8.7/10

Reason: A popular game idea with some enhancements to compare to Farmville

Visit the link below to play the game for yourself! This is aya signing out.

Good Game Farmer