State of the Site Address – Summer 2011

Hello everyone, I wanted to take some time and review all the great enhancements to Leviathyn over the past few months and what we have in store. It has been a very busy time at the office and it would be a travesty to let all this work go unnoticed. I want to give a huge, HUGE shout out to all the hard work co-owner Stephen Basile has done with the coding and management of site operations. As the sole coder and developer on the team, Steve is consistently working at making Leviathyn run better and add new features. None of this could be possible without Steve’s hard work and dedication to this website. Countless all-nighters have made Leviathyn what it is now and what it will be soon in the future. Thank you Steve!

Now, onto the site itself. Steve and I have been hard at work at implementing social integration into Leviathyn to give users a more interactive experience during their Game Search, shopping, and list making. We have many more things to get done but the core site is nearly complete. Once this milestone has been reached it will be much easier for us to implement future features. We will be making a new blog post when this has been accomplished.

Another aspect of Leviathyn that we have been looking to overhaul is the search experience. As search is and has always been Leviathyn’s core function, it is very important that we make sure that it is a flawless, seamless, and absolute process. The way the results look and what they return is crucial. For some time now, we have been re-working the search function so if anyone has been irregular pages or behavior of the search engine, please understand that it is because of this development. The search engine will be 100% very soon.

I could continue to write a novel about how Leviathyn has improved but instead I will show in bullet points the main highlights:

  • Shopping: We have been extensively working with our numerous affiliates to bring the best video game search engine available on the internet. When finished, users will be able to find the best prices from across the net in the easier and simplest way. The launch for the Shopping section is imminent!
  • Lists: I have talked about this before and with the new addition of a personal profile page, users can already make a Top 5 Games of All Time list. In the next week or two, our master list of Lists (heh) will be released. Users will be able to create, share, and edit lists for their favorite games in an assortment of subjects. Every system, year, developer, publisher, and genre will have their own list. After creation, share your opinion on your favorite social network and on your Leviathyn profile.
  • Social Integration Part II: We have already launched basic functions such as a profile page, the Leviathyn button to rank games and posts, and status updates. Throughout the coming months, starting in June, we will begin to launch more social features. User’s profile pages will become a hub and host most information on them. Users will be able to manage friends, their forum account, messages, and more in a seamless fashion. Every page of Leviathyn will have some way to allow users to rank, share, or talk about using their social account on our site.
  • Improved Live Feeds: We are constantly improving our Live Feeds, which is one of the more used features on the site. We want the posts to be up-to-the-minute and we are getting close. On the right side of the main page you will see that we have added a wave graph to show how busy days are with gaming news and what terms are being talked about most. Look forward to advancements with this new feature.

As you can see, Steve and I are doing our best to make Leviathyn the best way to search, shop, and rank games on the internet. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you keep returning to our site.

Ronald Hoffecker

Co-Owner, Dropstr Inc. & Product Development for Leviathyn

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