Leviathyn Update – 3/15/11

Hello everyone, it has been some time since the blog was updated and we felt it was time to share what we have done with the website.

Leviathyn has grown tremendously over the past few months and we have to thank our users for showing interest in our search engine. We are now up to 241 beta users as of this writing and that is incredible. Becoming a beta user is easy: just sign up using the big blue button on our front page or on the forums. Your login information will be carried throughout the site and any future additions we introduce. Now, let’s get into what we have done to make Leviathyn even better.

1) Optimized Experience: We have successfully made the site faster, though we are still tweaking as to make it zoom, and this will bring you to your gaming needs faster than ever. Speed isn’t the only aspect of your experience, however, and we’ve done all we can to clean up bugs and steer users away from unfinished pages. Every enabled feature of the site should now be 100% operable while pages that are still in service have been grayed out. Search result pages, user home screens, and forums have gone through a complete make over to help meld the site into one continuous experience. Keep a look out for more updates and fixes coming nearly every day.

2) Shopping Section: Using affiliates such as GameFly, Amazon, and E-Starland we have begun to enable direct links to buy, rent, and trade-in games that are featured in our database. As the affiliate family grows, your ability to instantly buy any game you are searching for (and soon download content) will be a reality.

3) Featured Links: Our database has always gathered information and links from GameFAQs and we’ve added to that functionality. While viewing a game in your results, you’ll see colored links pointing you to sites like GiantBomb, official forums, cheats, and more.

4) Cheats: We’ve added some very popular gaming cheat code sites to the game info boxes in our database with more being added every second.

5) Advanced Search: Our new Advanced Search option has been completed. Access it from across the site to narrow down your search.

As always, we are thinking of better ways to make Leviathyn the ultimate game search website. While our continuous work will march on, feedback from users would be even better. Leviathyn is dedicated to making the site work for everyone. As mentioned above, keep a look out for many new additions, fixes, updates, and more throughout the entire site.

This blog will be used much more in the future. I will do my best to keep you all informed on our progress and thank you once again for showing interest in Leviathyn.