Review: Dead Rising 2, Zombies. Zombies Everywhere.

So you bought an Xbox 360 during its first year, huh? I bet you probably owned a certain game that included a wide assortment of weapons, deranged people, freaky-looking things, and a survival backdrop. No, I’m not talking about Condemned. Dead Rising was one of the most successful first-year games for Microsoft’s next generation console. It featured a familiar setting to horror fans, endless hordes of zombies, an enormous selection of weapons, and a challenging time-based mission mechanic. In face, Dead Rising was so successful it kicked off a huge push with Capcom who wanted to keep up the sales track in the newest generation. If they did or not is subjective, but one thing stuck in the minds of gamers: Dead Rising. In many 360-centric lists that name a few of the must own titles, this game is features is most of them. It was only a matter of time before a sequel was announced.

Dead Rising 2 continued to give what players wanted: ZOMBIES! Lots of zombies with a near endless supply of weapons at your disposal. How could you trump that?! Oh, yeah, place it in Las Vegas. Capcom’s decision to move the location to Sin City was an exciting announcement and proved to hold up in the final product. The backdrops, city-specific weaponry, and locales really help the game be a separate entry aside from the first game. Willamette Mall was a fun location for its connection to Dawn of the Dead and being able to going throughout it and kill zombies was a joy for horror fans. However, being in Las Vegas give Dead Rising 2 a bigger and more exhilarating atmosphere. If the game’s sales prove enough for a third installment, it will be hard to top this location.

The story this time around is much more personal. Instead of a reporter trying to survive and get a scoop, your an ailing father who’s daughter had been bitten by a zombie some time ago and is riding on an experimental and expensive drug to stay a part of the living. Add to the fact that your career is in the dumps, your direction-less, and on top of everything else a zombie outbreak has you stuck waiting for military escort which won’t arrive for three days. You need to keep your daughter alive by finding more of the drug, help more of the survivors back to the safe house, and complete a myriad of other tasks before you could even have a chance at an escape. As you can see some of the game play elements from the first game are back, but Capcom has made sure to improve them this time around. Time management is a lot more streamlined and easier to take care of. Time limits are seen on the right side of your screen and you can change your active quest with your watch and map. Time limits for multiple quests tick down at the same time but now its easier to see where your supposed to go, how much time you have left, and if a mission is worth going out of the way for or not.

Escorting survivors back to the safe house is still a bit tedious but no where are much as Dead Rising 1. The worst part is back tracking back to the safe house but now survivors will fight their way through zombie groups and yell if they actually need help or not. If you accidentally hit them while trying to save them the damage you do is severely downgraded, which is nice. It would be highly annoying if Capcom left damage the same for zombies and survivors. A single swing of a double-headed axe would decapitate them.

Obtaining quests is much nicer and friendlier this time around as well. You still get story quests which are given to you after you complete or fail an objective within a time limit. However, survivors will give you quests and you’ll automatically get quests through your devices alerting you to strange happenings within the area. Each quest has a time limit and is shown on the right side of your screen and your map will shown you exactly where you need to go to. The system is cleaner and user-friendly which was a big problem with the first game.

Progression in the game is easier to manage and its no longer a hefty challenge or burden to actually complete the game. Capcom has done a great job in making Dead Rising 2 a fun game to play in spurts or a session with a great amount of creativity involved with the crafting system and finding more crafting cards. Dead Rising 1 was a good game too, don’t get me wrong. However, Capcom has taken out the tedious-ness of it and put in a better system and improved game play. Controls could be a bit more tighter, but they don’t detract from the overall experience. Dead Rising 2 is definitely a worthy pick up with some good replay values.


  • Improved Time Management
  • Crafting System
  • Location


  • Controls
  • Safe House Treks

Review by Cennus