Flash Fridays – Ultimate Sonic

Ultimate Sonic

こんにちは。(Konnichiwa), Ayame here!!!

Ah yes, the game that brings me back to my flash game roots. When I was in high school, this was the game to play, it was what I called the beginning of me playing flash games at all. Now we all know that this little gem is not an official licensed release of some SEGA classic (of course, that’s why it’s great!(PPS Maybe Sonic 4 will work out, idk*)), but that’s besides the point of playing flash games anyway.

Me sad faced

You start off with the intro, some credits and of course this is not a SEGA game. Next you’re brought to the welcome screen and a selection of your choosing for characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream. There are only two zones and a total of four acts with the inclusion of a Dr. Robotnik moment after the first zone. While the game could be considered boring or old hat today, back in the day this was the game to play. The graphics stick hard with the original game and game play functions seem to be for the most part, the same also. It’s easy to see that the sprites and tiles used in the game are indeed from the originals and same goes for the soundtrack. Game play on a slower machine was always a bugger because of the requirements flash needed to play this. Of course now a days this thing is a joke, but hey, I remember those old, sad days . Oh flash how you use to drive me crazy with your quirks and CPU hogginess (hogging = hogginess yay, a new word!). But I digress… So anyways YES, you should play this game, I mean c’mon, the new Sonic 4 came out like yesterday!

Seal of Approval

This has Ayame’s Official Seal of Approval

Rating: 7/10 Stars
Baka: 2/10
Atmosphere: 8/10

Hit up the link to play the game yourself or search Leviathyn for “Ultimate Sonic”.

Aya out (>.<)

Ultimate Sonic – [Source] [Acronyms You Didn’t Know] *idk = I don’t know

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