Flash Fridays – Haunt The House

Konnichiwa, Aya here with a special not so Flash Fridays Review: Haunt the House. Omg, this game is amazing! Let me just say I played the entire thing, more than once too! This being Halloween today, a prefect time to play a spooky game. You play as a ghost, who is sad because people have invaded his house. The object is simple, scare the people out of the house without scaring them too much (killing them).

Game play is simple, the more people you scare, the more points you get on your meter, the higher the meter, the more options you have to spooking people.  But make sure not to over do it (I usually do), cause the people may jump out the windows.

It only takes a few seconds to get the hang of it and like omg, so much fun! I highly recommend Hant The House for everyone to play, check the link below to play.

Officially Approved

Happy Halloween!

Aya Out

Haunt The House