Flash Fridays – Bloons


Konnichiwa, Aya here with this weeks Flash Fridays! This week I tried out an older but probably familiar game in the flash industry, bloons. Created in 2007 by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons is an awesome little game where you play as a monkey trying to pop as many balloons as possible with the amount of darts your given. Of course the first few are easy to hit but as the levels progress, trying to pop the little buggers become a huge challenge.

Me popping balloons!

When you first load the game your brought to the main menu (show left). Here you can chose a few options about the game as well as a link to bloons 2 (and many more where that came from). I did not check out the editor due to the fact you have to create an account, visit the edit section of the site, etc. I just wanted to pop some damn balloons!

So onto the game play, holding the left mouse clicker down and moving it towards your target the monkey will show an arrow increasing and decreasing. Let the button go for how far you want the dart to travel when the arrow shows the chosen distance. A simple game idea, but fun as heck to play and challenge yourself. I believe if you make it far enough in the game(cough -_-), you can make it to the high score.  As the game progresses their are other types of balloons in the game, such as a super balloon that pops like 5 surrounding balloons. An extra balloon which gives you more darts. Frozen balloons that that freeze surrounding balloons that make it impossible to pop =.= and balloons that give you different projectiles.

And then there’s walls… Some that bounce and some that block your way.  Shooting darts off of bouncing walls to try and pop as many balloons as possible. It only takes a few seconds to start playing and becoming involved. Like no nonsense involved, glued to the screen! I recommend this game, give it a try, now off with you and pop some balloons! Links below ^_^

Arigato, Aya out