me2222Ronald Hoffecker
Position: Co-Founder

Twitter: @rhhoffecker

Hello fellow gamers! I am one of the owners of Leviathyn and can also be classified as a Mega Man fanboy. I enjoy discussing, debating, and sharing my opinion on all things gaming as well as tech, pro wrestling, and comic books. Just to list some of my favorite things in those categories: Diablo 2, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man X4, Phantasy Star Online, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Moon Knight, Windows Phone, and The Guyver. Never forget The Guyver.

StephenBasileStephen Basile
Position: Technological Mastermind (Site Wizard) / Co-Founder
Twitter: @stephenbasile

Steve works in the back and sees no smiles.

The News Team

BlakeAnglinBlake Anglin
News Section Editor
Twitter: @blakeanglin

A frequent Top 10 list writer and uber SNES fan, Blake can still to this day be found playing Final Fantasy VI on occasion, even though it is probably bad for his health at this point (we’re not sure he knows there are actually other games out there). When not writing, editing or gaming, Blake enjoys bothering people with his guitar, drinking more than is safe and talking about this totally crazy weather. Blake is also very involved in the Game Informer community, has a sick Minecraft world he would love to show you.

caseyCasey Ferguson
Twitter: @cesium_knight

Casey Ferguson is a computer engineering major turned Twitch streamer and journalist. He enjoys sharing his passion for games with anyone willing to watch, and is always down for a good discussion, on any topic really. When not gaming or writing, Casey prepares to enter the big scary real world as he prepares to graduate in May 2014.

AlexGilyadovAlex Gilyadov
Twitter: @Rparampampam
PSN: noface101

Lover of all things pop culture. Breaking Bad, Arsenal F.C., The Last of Us, Persona 4, Pizza, Wolf of Wall Street, and PlayStation define him.

AustinFloresAustin Flores
Twitter: @SirRedBird
PSN: OkamiGotFuzz
XBL: OkamiGotFuzz
Steam: OkamiGotFuzz

Hello! I am a new writer coming from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a sophomore and I’m studying journalism here. I enjoy every single game that I can get my hands on, even if it’s bad, and I hope that I can bring my joy to this community.

The Sony Team

CassideeMoserCassidee Moser
Sony Section Editor
Twitter: @cassideemoser

A game enthusiast and movie snob, Cassidee’s obsession with geek culture is one that probably calls for an intervention.

AlexShedlockAlex Shedlock
Twitter: @theshedlock

PSN: Kenshi Ryden

Born in the frigid North, also known as Scotland, Alex was brought up indoors playing games. He now plays them, writes about them, writes fiction heavily inspired by them- and hopes to one day do any/ all of these things professionally. He believes the greatest game ever made is Shadow of the Colossus- with Silent Hill 2 a close second. If you have beef with this, come at him, bro.

StephenPollardStephen Pollard
Twitter: @clide88

PSN: Holywater88

Stephen is a lifelong gamer and devoted follower of Sephiroth. He spends his days fantasizing about protecting the realm from evil and being the most legendary 5’4″ swordsman in all the land. Aside from gaming, he loves playing music and Notre Dame football.

StarrGoldsberryStarr Goldsberry
Twitter: @MamaNightmare
PSN: NurseNightmare

Some girls want to be princesses, Starr wants to be an N7 Operative. When she isn’t playing games she drinks insane amounts of coffee, likes to design her own comic books and aimlessly scrolls on Tumblr.

KeeganRoserKeegan Roser
Twitter: @keegan_andrews
PSN: darlingharbour

Passionate gamer and avid hockey fan of the Chicago Blackhawks! I believe in greatness from small beginnings and that hard work will turn your dreams into realities.

“If it’s a war you came to see you will never see a waved white flag in front me.” – The Ghost Inside (Engine 45)

The Microsoft Team

JasonKwonJason Kwon
Microsoft Section Editor
Twitter: @wumbo3000
XBL: kkwon1021

Jason was born and raised in Southern California, so he is of the mindset that 70 degrees can be “chilly.” As a full time student, he always manages to stay busy, whether it be through playing video games, writing about video games, or not studying. He loves all genres, so don’t ask him to pick a favorite, as he’ll probably just give you a blank stare and shrug. Feel free to contact him at [email protected]

SarahBlackburnSarah Blackburn
Twitter: @guitarherosarah
XBL: ReallyODDMidget

Feel free to call me Sarah or Zippy, I don’t mind! I’m the person who spends a little too much time on games, whether running around like a maniac with a chainsaw in Gears of War or trying to catch em all in Pokemon. I’ve played games forever and I’m currently studying how to make them while writing about them. When not writing (or working) I watch movies and enjoy the occasional bout of sunlight.

DevinDevin Pitts-Rogers
Twitter: @devinjpr
XBL: El Night Falcon

Born and raised in the state of Colorado. Industry conversations are some of my favorite things to discuss. I like open-world adventures just as much as my rigid narratives, and will often looks for shenanigans  to be had in both. Anything else just ask!

RobbieJonesRobbie Jones
Twitter: @HeyRobbieJ
XBL: Rob Savage

Originally from the central valley of California, Robbie Jones turned heel on his homeland sometime after college with dreams of underachieving in an exotic foreign land. He currently resides in Japan where he spends his time scaring the locals with his height and facial hair.

ChristopherMrkvickaChristopher Mrkvicka
Twitter: @Twitch13MP
XBL: DemonRagnarok13
Steam: DemonRagnarok13

Chris is a U.S. Army veteran and current business student, with more than 25 years of gaming experience. He credits Halo 2 with helping to keep his sanity through a deployment to Afghanistan and will never turn down a game of R.B.I. Baseball or Tecmo Bowl. When he’s not playing games, Chris can often be found combing through the financial statements of different companies to better understand their business practices.

The PC Team

EricWatsonEric Watson
PC Section Editor

Twitter: @RogueWatson

The PC Editor for Leviathyn is usually seen raving about the merits of computer gaming while hurling empty beer bottles at anyone who tries to engage him. Occasionally he’s found in a dark corner gently hugging his keyboard. He also makes a great tuna quesadilla. You can gaze in awe at his gaming backlog playthroughs @RoguesAdventure and watch his always entertaining livestreams at

AaronRandolphAaron Randolph
Twitter: @pantslessshorts

Aaron Randolph has been posting videos to Leviathyn for a while now, and he’s pretty sure they’ve simply forgotten to fire him. Pantsless Shorts is his gaming entertainment video production group consisting of himself and the people he’s blackmailed into helping him. When he’s not making videos, he likes to occasionally write articles that so far have not gotten him blacklisted by any major company or group, but damn it, he’ll keep trying. Five favorite games in no particular order: Chrono Trigger, The Pandora Directive, Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 2

CodyHeintzCody Heintz
Twitter: @codyheintz

Cody Heintz is a graduate of Hofstra University and is currently a freelance photographer. He is a fan of Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. While his guilty pleasure is any mobile game made by Kariosoft he is also lifelong New York Yankees fan. Cody has been writing about games since 2010.

SamuelUgoewSamuel Ugoew
Twitter: @sdugowe

Samuel D. Ugowe is many things: a son, a brother, a darn snappy dresser, an introvert, an incorrigible man-child. But, above all, he is a lover of video games that is making his hobby into his job. He likes other things too (books, movie, and amateur programming) but they aren’t as interesting as games.

Tanya McDermottTanya McDermott

For the Great Gaming War of 2014, Tanya abandoned her love for all things JRPG to join the front lines of the seventh division of PC gamers. She joined Leviathyn in a last-ditch attempt to stop all her friends from leaving her because she won’t shut up about video games. Indie games are quickly becoming her second love.

FergusHallidayFergus Halliday
Twitter: @Cvamped
PSN: Cvampire

Known by many names and titles – Gentlemen, Scholar, Petroleum Peddler, Legal Vagabond and Full Midori Alchemist – Fergus wants to make video games and write things about them. His favorite game would be a toss up between Mass Effect 2 and Warcraft 3 and his spirit animal is a Sushi-Roll.

CameronWadeCameron Wade
Twitter: @cam_wade37
Steam: ProtoGeek

Hailing from that part of New York that isn’t covered by concrete and skyscrapers, Cameron is a writer interested in video games as both entertainment and art. Along with games, he likes to enjoy and critique movies, books, and comics. He also loves Bob Dylan, Pulp Fiction, and most things nerd. He has a special place in his heart for games that try unique and interesting things.

DanielMellmanDaniel Mellman
PSN: Snacko00
Steam: Snacko

Daniel Mellman graduated from Marlboro College in 2013, and has been slowly leaving it ever since. After a friend suggested that he apply to Leviathyn he joined the PC Section, free from his PS2 after a five-year long playthrough of Persona 3.

JohnHiggsJohn Higgs

Armchair tyrant, Femshep advocate and OCD empire-builder (Gods help you if you mar his perfectly geometric borders), John Higgs is also a gold-star PC gamer. Well actually he’s had a few wild one-night stands with consoles but he’s never entered into a committed relationship. He asks only that you endeavor to read his articles in the manner in which they are written: in a comfy armchair before a roaring fire. Oh, and also in an English accent.

The Nintendo Team

MartineBarthelemyMartine Barthelemy
Nintendo Section Editor
Twitter: @silvananoir

Ms. Barthelemy has mastered all there is to know about the space time continuum and frequently spends way to much time debating why the official Zelda timeline is wrong, because it is. She also spends way too much time building houses and awesome kingdoms in the Sims 3 and is dedicating her life to creating Skyrim. When she’s not wasting her precious youth she spends time bonding with friends and family watching all the sports and spamming GRR Martin about finishing the Song of Ice and Fire series even though he might kill a Stark.

PatrickLowePatrick Lowe
Twitter: @GamesAndUs
PSN: amphysena

I’ve always considered myself one of the lucky ones, growing up alongside the Super Nintendo in an era that many consider to be a golden age for gaming. I’m the owner of some offbeat opinions and a lover of frenetic action games and anything well designed.

TimGruverTim Gruver
Twitter: @timgruver
Steam: MasteroDisasta

Reader, gamer, and sci-fi connoisseur, Tim Gruver’s eventual writing career began from one late afternoon with his older sisters’ dusty NES and a certain Italian Plumber. The two were inescapable and the rest is history best left to his ever-growing knowledge of obscure game trivia. When not pursuing such trivial endeavors of rescuing virtual maidens and stopping Templars, he dedicates his time to origami, drawing, and seeking a higher plane of existence, preferably with higher WiFi.

AdamBargeAdam Barge
Twitter: @DrBillRiverman
PSN: comadorcrack
Steam: PunkyBrewster

Growing up in the forests of England, hunting my own food with nothing but rocks and determination left me with a lot of spare time to play video games. Thankfully I left the woods for the city, and now I have enough time to write about the video games I play. I split my time between acting and writing ever since I graduated from university last year and both pursuits are a hell of a lot of fun. Will take on any and all challengers in Pokemon, your shorts aren’t as comfy as mine!

CotySuggCoty Sugg
Twitter: @ctsugg
PSN: Nicholi_Anhelo
Steam: Nicholi_Anhelo

Coty Sugg hails from the tiny town of Hollywood, Georgia. Long before he could put words to paper, he was exploring the far off lands of the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule in search of adventure! Coty has logged hours that could only be described as “obscene” into countless RPGs, platformers, and fighting games over the past 25 years. When his thumbs aren’t etching the familiar shoryuken motion into a controller, he spends his time nose deep in a book, watching one of any number of TV shows and anime, or seeing movies with friends.

The Entertainment Team

paulpopielPaul Popiel
Entertainment Section Editor

Paul is a writer, photographer and gamer who lives outside of Philadelphia. When not running around Azeroth or laughing in evil glee as his players beg for mercy in one of his Call of Cthulhu tabletop sessions, he can be found at conventions or haunting coffee shops working on a novel or short story.

Paul WoodwardPaul Woodward
Steam: HawkNoctis
XBL: Hawk Animus
PSN: HawkAnimus

Paul has been an avid fan of stories, video games, books, anime, and movies almost since the day he was born. He now writes reviews for anime and the occasional video game. In his spare time, Paul works on a fantasy novel that he is hoping to get published sometime in 2014 or early 2015.

ChrisRennerChris Renner
Twitter: @SerialViewer

Chris spends far too much time consuming media (be it movies, TV, books, games, or comics) and then spends a damn sight more time dissecting these in his head, leading to series of writings that are just fragmented and nonsensical enough to make him a master of the overused comma and the unnecessary parenthesis (a title whose merits can justifiably be debated), as well as a huge fan of run on sentences.

MichaelEdwards1Michael Edwards
Twitter: Mickey1694

I am 19 and live in London, while I have always loved watching film and TV I stumbled upon writing after I finished school. Now my interests are in novel and short story writing. Journalism is new to me and it is a challenging, but unique form.

DennisDattoloDennis Dattolo
Twitter: @Dattolo89
PSN: daddylo21

I’m 24, born in raised in Maryland and went to college in Pennsylvania. I’ll be joining the National Guard later this year and in the meantime I will enjoy writing comic book, movie, and television reviews for you guys to absorb. My current comic favorites are Batman, Saga, Injustice, East of West, and Superior Spider-Man (yes I love me some SpOck), however, I do like reading other books as well (currently working my way through A Dance with Dragons, DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING). That’s it for now!

AlexBrygiderAlex Brygider
Steam: bobbert93

I am a 20 year old writer, artist, and retro gamer (among other things). My favorite things to write include opinion pieces, reviews, topical humor, short stories, and children’s literature. I enjoy incorporating comedy, and atypical thinking into everything I do. As an artist I especially enjoy painting abstract expressionism, and penciling/inking comics. My favorite retro games include, but are not limited to Breakout, Space Invaders, Frogger, and Super Mario bros 3, among others. I’m also a big fan of bad cheezy movies.

JadeGibsonJade Gibson
Twitter: Aries_Bolt
Steam: Aries Bolt

Jade is a lover of books and anime and never skips a chance to read or write about the things she is passionate about.

Mobile Section

JoeMooreJoe Moore
PSN: grayswood052
Steam: joefish052

Joe is an Englishman living in the heart of Wales, and therefore qualifies as the world’s worst International Man of Mystery. Games of interest include Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy (well, up to and including XII), Jak and Daxter, XCOM, Civ and Lord of the Rings: The Third Age.

Leviathyn Writers/Contributers