avatar Stephen Basile Writer for indie games and business / financial news for the gaming industry. Programmer and Co-Founder of Dropstr Inc and the leviathyn network.

avatar Ronald Hoffecker Hello fellow gamers! I am one of the owners of Leviathyn and can also be classified as a Mega Man fanboy. I enjoy discussing, debating, and sharing my opinion on all things gaming as well as tech, pro wrestling, and comic books. Just to list some of my favorite things in those categories: Diablo 2, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man X4, Phantasy Star Online, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Moon Knight, Windows Phone, and The Guyver. Never forget The Guyver.

avatar Blake Anglin A frequent Top 10 list writer and uber SNES fan, Blake can still to this day be found playing Final Fantasy VI on occasion, even though it is probably bad for his health at this point (we’re not sure he knows there are actually other games out there). When not writing, editing or gaming, Blake enjoys bothering people with his guitar, drinking more than is healthy and talking about this totally crazy weather. Blake is also very involved in the Game Informer community, and has a sick Minecraft world he would love to show you.

avatar Stephen Pollard Stephen is a lifelong gamer and devoted follower of Sephiroth. He spends his days fantasizing about protecting the realm from evil and being the most legendary 5'4" swordsman in all the land. Aside from gaming, he loves playing music, especially drums, since it gives him an excuse to hit stuff as hard as he can.

avatar Fergus Halliday Known by many names and titles - Gentlemen, Scholar, Petroleum Peddler, Legal Vagabond and Full Midori Alchemist - Fergus wants to make video games and write things about them. His favorite game would be a toss-up between Mass Effect 2 and Warcraft 3 and his spirit animal is a Sushi-Roll.

avatar Tiff MacDonald A girl from the frozen tundra of the north that they call Canada. She has a number of clashing interests including, cats, fantasy literature, rap music, sports and video games whilst she spends the days studying commerce at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

avatar Sarah Blackburn Feel free to call me Sarah or Zippy, I don’t mind! Having now finished a Masters in Games Design, I have too much time to spend on games. But that's not a bad thing, right?! Whether it's running from Dragons, battling with a Lancer or even pretending I can actually play guitar, I love games and I probably always will, and writing about them makes it even better! When not writing (or working) I watch movies and enjoy the occasional bout of sunlight (if I'm lucky enough for sun in England!)

avatar Adam Barge Growing up in the forests of England, hunting my own food with nothing but rocks and determination left me with a lot of spare time to play video games. Thankfully I left the woods for the city, and now I have enough time to write about the video games I play. I split my time between acting and writing ever since I graduated from university last year and both pursuits are a hell of a lot of fun. Will take on any and all challengers in Pokemon, your shorts aren't as comfy as mine!

avatar Aaron Blair My name is Aaron I'm 19 and for as long as i can remember i have been playing video games. My other passions include TV, movies and anime.

avatar Adam Clark Robots and lasers, lasers and robots.

avatar Alex Gilyadov Alex Gilyadov is a news writer at Leviathyn with an eclectic taste in music. Tweet at him at RParampampam.

avatar Aaron Jackson

avatar Aaron Johnson

avatar Aaron Randolph Aaron Randolph () has been posting videos to Leviathyn for a year now, and he's pretty sure they've simply forgotten to fire him. Pantsless Shorts is his gaming entertainment video production group consisting of himself and the people he's blackmailed into helping him. When he's not making videos, he likes to occasionally write articles that so far have not gotten him blacklisted by any major company or group, but damn it, he'll keep trying. Five favorite games in no particular order: Chrono Trigger, The Pandora Directive, Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 2

avatar Austin Small Lover of all games retro and brimming with narrative, especially when they come with dancing plant-life and memorably vexing fairy companions.

avatar Adam Sykes

avatar Amy Vernon Hi! My name is Amy, I'm 17 and from the UK. I study Media, English and IT at college which lead me to writing for Leviathyn. I'm a big tech and gaming enthusiast and would love to get to know other people.

avatar Brady Corps Born in raised in the windiest and coldest city in Canada. Reviewing games keeps me warm at night

avatar Brandon Lackey Gamer. Graphic Designer. Nerd. Professional Netflix-er. Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason why I have trust issues.

avatar Braulio Ortiz

avatar Brandon Reid Big time gamer from Australia, into all sorts of console games. Massive Marvel fan and I'm always keen to talk zombie apocalypse survival tactics!

avatar Ben Watkin

avatar Christian Belland Hey everyone! I'm a film grad who loves writing, video games, violent movies, and climbing mountains. You can find me here at Leviathyn and also as a contributor for New Gamer Nation. I've been gaming and writing my entire life. Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, The Last Of Us, and the Mass Effect trilogy.

avatar Carson Deshevy I'm a print journalism student and (aspiring) games journalist with a passion for gaming, and a love for all things "geek."

avatar Christopher Kochon Chris is a 28 year old San Diego resident who spends equal parts of his day eating, sleeping and breathing video games, NBA basketball and death metal (in no particular order, of course).

avatar Cassidee Moser A game enthusiast and movie snob, Cassidee’s obsession with geek culture is one that probably calls for an intervention.

avatar Christopher Mrkvicka Chris is a U.S. Army veteran and current business student, with more than 25 years of gaming experience. He credits Halo 2 with helping to keep his sanity through a deployment to Afghanistan and will never turn down a game of R.B.I. Baseball or Tecmo Bowl. When he's not playing games, Chris can often be found combing through the financial statements of different companies to better understand their business practices.

avatar Chris Renner Chris spends far too much time consuming media (be it movies, TV, books, games, or comics) and then spends a damn sight more time dissecting these in his head, leading to a series of writings that are just fragmented and nonsensical enough to make him a master of the overused comma and the unnecessary parenthesis (a title whose merits can justifiably be debated), as well as a huge fan of run on sentences.

avatar Calum Sim Playing games since he could wrangle a controller off his brother, Calum is an overly cynical Irish Man who holds a secret place in his heart for Alpha Protocol and is still waiting for Jade Empire 2.

avatar Chernenka Sinkfield Chernenka is a hard core gamer since 16 months old. She is part of a doa 5 clan. When she is not ps3 and xbox gaming, she is on her pc playing games all day. When she is not gaming she is watching anime and reading manga. She is a anime and video game writer that hopes to be in the video game industry. When she is home she likes hanging with friends and family is her thing. She also is going to a university for business studies.

avatar Destin Bray

avatar Devin Pitts-Rogers Born and raised in the state of Colorado.  Industry conversations are some of my favorite things to discuss.  I like open-world adventures just as much as my rigid narratives, and will often looks for shenanigans  to be had in both.  Anything else just ask!

avatar Dom McKenzie Film maker and gaming fanatic from the UK. You can follow me on Twitter @Dom_McKenzie or Xbox Live at DomMcK26.

avatar Daniel Mellman Daniel Mellman graduated from Marlboro College in 2013, and has begun breaking into gaming journalism. After a friend suggested that he apply to Leviathyn he joined the PC Section, free from his PS2 after a five-year long playthrough of Persona 3.

avatar Danny Miles An ordinary 18 year old nerd from Britain who spends more time jumping from games to anime than actually going outside.

avatar Gavin Edgar Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm currently studying Journalism at UWS in Ayr, Scotland. I love writing about games, movies and tech, among other things. I have a PS3, a PS Vita and I'm on Steam. Big fan of good indie titles and the horror/survival horror genre.

avatar Geoff Merson

avatar Paul Woodward Paul has been an avid fan of stories, video games, books, anime, and movies almost since the day he was born. He now writes reviews for anime and the occasional video game. In his spare time, Paul works on a fantasy novel that he is hoping to get published sometime in 2014 or early 2015.

avatar Jack Dougary A Scotsman that types words and has fun doing it. Speak to me @Jack_GUK.

avatar Jade Gibson Jade is a writer, gamer and book addict who is currently working on a children's book to promote the issue of gender conformity. Along with her writing she is pursuing a career in forensics.

avatar Jonathan Jones

avatar Jordan Mitchell I am a Philosophy Masters graduate whose head is either up in clouds or focused on pwning your face in game. As well as a firm believer that video games are and can be a force for positive change, lol.

avatar Joe Moore Male. 22. Cardiff. Mobile Section Editor and de facto despot of Quality Assurance, I like to split my time between acting, gaming, and upholding the infallible integrity of Mobile gaming. My favourite game series include Spyro the Dragon, Dark Cloud, Civilization, Minecraft, Terraria and Dark Souls.

avatar Jasmine Odenat If Jasmine isn't writing articles, then you'd better believe she's playing video games . After having spent nearly all of her life with a PlayStation in her household, she knows what games to look out for. She knows which games are innovative, ground-breaking, and most importantly memorable. She also loves to talk about her personal collection of games and wants to share them with you all! And in the rare moments that she's not playing video games, then she's probably... I don't know, looking at some weird Japanese stuff.

avatar Jonathan Sanzari I'm a 22 year old aspiring journalist trying to gain as much experience as possible in the field. I'm currently getting my under-grad degree in Communication Arts and look forward to contributing on this site.

avatar Joe Tomlinson-Jones Game lover, family man and all round beast!

avatar James Wolanyk James is a freelance writer, author, and university student trying to stave off inevitable insanity. His primary loves include character-driven novels and games, meditating in insanely hot showers, and his girlfriend (not necessarily in that order).

avatar Keziah Allen

avatar Kaleb Gookins Im a game reviewer who works for multiple companies testing games on my own time. I am a singer/songwriter and is going on tour very soon.

avatar Kwan Perng

avatar Khanlin Rodgers I'm a student at CSU - Sacramento hoping to make a name for myself in video game journalism.

avatar Luke Broster-Geduld


avatar Luchi Farrell PhD student by trade, gamer at heart, otaku by soul.

avatar Logan Lanphere

avatar Liam Padfield Born and raised in the tender land of Wales, Liam can usually be found writing, gaming or cracking the whip at his herd of sheep.

avatar Lasse Pedersen

avatar Martine Barthelemy Ms. Barthelemy has mastered all there is to know about the space time continuum and frequently spends way to much time debating why the official Zelda timeline is wrong, because it is. She also spends way too much time building houses and awesome kingdoms in the Sims 3 and is dedicating her life to creating Skyrim. When she's not wasting her precious youth she spends time bonding with friends and family watching all the sports and spamming GRR Martin about finishing the Song of Ice and Fire series even though he might kill a Stark.

avatar Michelle Driver

avatar Michael Edwards Michael is a lover of Film and TV with an interest in the abstract, so Mr Lynch fits the bill perfect. He is new to journalism but is always looking to improve. Expect views on art-house cinema, top five lists, and the latest casting news. Michael offers a perspective from rainy old London, so keeping up with American times is always fun.

avatar Mike Eskew A fan of games whose prone to getting salty whenever he loses or when he thinks something is overpowered (everything). An unfortunate soul with a bachelors degree in journalism working his way through the catch-22.

avatar Mohammad Khan HI my name is Mohammad Khan and I started gaming when i was in 3rd grade. Ever since then i have just loved gaming and it has always been a great passion of mine.

avatar Matthew Lynch Hey there! My name's Matt, I'm a gamer from the UK, and I thnk the Wii U is pretty good. Don't hate me.

avatar Michael Reynoso

avatar Matt Trovalli Matt is a journalism student with a love for everything technology and gaming. His unyielding love for these things urges him to pursue a career in video game and/or tech journalism. Who knows, maybe one day he'll have a show named after him!

avatar Neal Burke

avatar Patrick Lowe I've always considered myself one of the lucky ones, growing up alongside the Super Nintendo in an era that many consider to be a golden age for gaming. I'm the owner of some offbeat opinions and a lover of frenetic action games and anything well designed.

avatar Paul Popiel Paul is a writer, photographer and gamer who lives outside of Philadelphia. When not running around Azeroth or laughing in evil glee as his players beg for mercy in one of his Call of Cthulhu tabletop sessions, he can be found at conventions or haunting coffee shops working on a novel or short story.

avatar Samuel Ugowe Samuel D. Ugowe is many things: a son, a brother, a darn snappy dresser, an introvert, an incorrigible man-child. But, above all, he is a lover of video games that is making his hobby into his job. He likes other things too (books, movie, and amateur programming) but they aren't as interesting as games.   Official Twitter: @sdugowe

avatar Ross Ashley Wilson I enjoy playing games and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on them

avatar Roderick Brown R.M.F.Brown (1983 -) was born in Fife, Scotland. A writer for over ten years, he has had various short stories and reviews published in a diverse range of publications from Spiked Online, Cassiopeia Magazine, Stalking Elk, The An Lucht Lonrach project, Paragraph Planet and The Puffin Review. Recently, he has seen his work feature in 'The clock struck war,' a collection of Great War stories published by Mardibooks. His influences include Michael Moorcock, Stephen King, HG Wells, and Alfred Bester.

avatar Eric Watson The PC Editor for Leviathyn is usually seen raving about the merits of computer gaming while hurling empty beer bottles at anyone who tries to engage him. Occasionally he’s found in a dark corner gently hugging his keyboard. He also makes a great tuna quesadilla. You can follow his clever insights on twitter @RogueWatson, gaze in awe at his gaming backlog playthroughs @RoguesAdventure, and watch his always entertaining livestreams at and

avatar Sam Hale Sam Hale is a proudly autistic gaming journalist currently working his way through the tail end of a journalism degree while writing his own gaming blog. He hails from Surrey, British Columbia and is an avid fan of the Mass Effect trilogy and the Metal Gear Solid saga. He has a propensity for liking shooters however his true love is story-driven games like The Walking Dead and artsy games like ICO and Journey.

avatar Steven Nold

avatar Stephanie Reyes Just a tad bit crazy, Stephanie Reyes is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, the freshest games, and the wildest most honest reviews your dumb face has ever seen. She also refers to herself in the third person, but this is just the phase. She will get over it. Eventually.

avatar Tanya McDermott For the Great Gaming War of 2014, Tanya abandoned her love for all things JRPG to join the front lines of the PC gamers. She joined Leviathyn in a last-ditch attempt to stop all her friends from leaving her because she won't stop talking about video games. Indie games are quickly becoming her second love.

avatar Travis Hishinuma Hey everyone my name is Travis. I am currently taking courses at Leeward Community college. I am from the island of Oahu, Hawaii and I mostly play western types of games like Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Halo, etc. If I'm not playing games or going to class, I will most likely be trying to learn things from youtube.

avatar Tyson Jones Video games, comic books, and Asian food are my passions. But I happen to also be a fan of Alternative Music (favorite Band, The Fold,) LEGO themed stuff, and pretty women. Workout whenever possible, and hoping to turn my passions into careers one day. (Ain't that everyone whoever picked up a pen...?)

avatar Theodore Senene I'm a software developer and aspiring videogame writer. A fanboy of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Spore(yes, I'm addicted), Halo and Fable. I have wry sense of humor and a very bad sense of direction, but am a good writer nonetheless. And, I'm South African so I win.