5 Anime Recommendations for the Uninitiated

New to anime and you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you know someone who you want to introduce into the geekdom of Japanese animation? Maybe I can help you with that. Anime had yet to become as ubiquitous and proliferate as it is today when I first started to appreciate titles like Dragon Ball Z, Voltes V, and YuYu Hakusho. Well, they certainly weren’t the leading cause for schediaphilia yet.

*Schediaphilia – psychological disorder of excessive sexual attraction to cartoon / anime characters.

Nowadays, however, anime has become rightfully its own genre of geekiness in an age where being enthusiastic with your preferred forms of entertainment is encouraged, and in fact, given to cultural meme (not the internet sort of meme – look it up). Given the vast reach of anime, it still sounds weird to me when people say they’re new to it and solicit recommendations of which series to delve into (and get off on, perhaps). In my opinion, there are anime series that you certainly must watch at one point, regardless of your specific genre, storyline, or animation style inclinations. If you want to see what anime can offer from various aspects, however, then I recommend these five anime titles, depending on what you (or your uninitiated friend) wanted to see.

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