Why Transformers Should Make An RPG

RPG’S are games that normally acquire a huge amount of attention, just look at the success stories of Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. They’re an undeniably excellent genre of games, giving players an opportunity to craft unique characters, explore environments freely and immerse themselves in the lore of the fictitious universe. Just these factors alone show how the RPG games can help to fully establish a franchise and push it forward into other areas, a prime example of this is Elder Scrolls’ venture into the MMORPG world thanks to the success of both Oblivion and Skyrim. Now with that in mind, there are a few franchises I feel are lacking and RPG installment (or a good one!) that would really work well with their own unique universes.

You can’t argue with this, the Transformers universe is awesome. Having recently watched the Generation One series and played Fall of Cybertron I’ve realized that the universe is really quite under used. Cybertron adventures in the two recent game installments have been linear and relatively repetitive, resulting in mediocre games.


Now instead imagine you’re a neutral transformer waking up after a battle that went wrong, pick your specialisms and basic appearances and off you go. Step out into an open world style Cybertron, get to know your locals and make your mark on the war the shaped your race.

Transforming can become down to what the player has scanned on their travels and therefore unique to each gamer, planes, tanks, cars, boats could all be available based on exploration of war-torn Cybertron.

Random encounters with native Cybertron creatures like Scorponok’s or Laserbeak’s could plague a players journey with special quests pitting you against the likes of Unicron or Grimlock.

Karma meters could be used like in Fallout but with a twist, the player could sway towards either the Autobot or Decepticon faction based on behavior. Factions could also offer their own karma specific skill trees and NPC followers like Bumblebee or Soundwave.

Player uniqueness can be furthered through items such as weapons and armor looted the bodies of dead transformers or found in hidden storage containers.


The planet of Cybertron could become a well-developed environment with special locations both new and consistent with the history of transformers. Fast travelling to energon caves inhabited by new enemies or transforming into a robotic cheetah and sprinting across a battlefield plain, opportunities to develop some truly inspiring locations are almost limitless.

In short, the Transformers universe is expansive, rich and loved but grossly under appreciated by the games it’s churned out as of yet. A delve into the RPG genre could bring the Transformers franchise forward leaps and bounds not only developing the history but also furthering it with new characters and locations. If you agree/disagree please feel free to comment below.

  • NathanPetrillo

    First of all, no it shouldn’t. Secondly, there’s a “Prime” MMO beta coming if not already out there. The aspect of transforming would have no place in an RPG especially a turn based one. They are much more suited for the action/shooter genre that they have been resurrected into.

  • http://[email protected] zach bokutou boren

    sounds alright, but would this be a live action shooter mmo? cause thats only realistic way it could be done, also it would make more sense for the vehicle you transform into to be your class

  • Ben_Tarrant

    In terms of what I think it should be like, I was trying to get at open world, pretty much the same vibe as skyrim. Transforming would be vital in combat situations and movement through environments, turn taking would be a no no again taking combat elements from the likes of Fallout and Skyrim. Everyone to their own though ha. Classes could determine transform abilities however I wanted exploration rewards to be new transformations, similar to how in the diet episode of G1 they took on the form of whatever the probes found. Players could use these probes to find new transformations each with unique skill trees. This is just me speculating aloud but I feel the transformer franchise lacks something like this that I feel could offer a really enjoyable gaming experience. I’m also a huge fan of open world RPG’s so probably very biased in how I feel this could work out but I appreciate your viewpoint guys.