Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 7: Little Lost Katie

Dear Diary,

I’ve been quite busy these past few days, as there’s been a few visitors new to town. The other day I opened my door to find Shrunk was on my doorstop. Turns out he wants to open a nightclub, but he was worried that the residents might disagree with the idea because of all the noise it would create. So, as usual, it was my job to convince them. I had to get 6 of the villagers to sign a form so Shrunk could get to work on opening Club LOL. That didn’t prove too hard though, even though it was fairly early in the morning. The villagers and I can’t wait to see this nightclub open, although it looks as if it will take a few days.

Speaking of building, there’s something else under construction on main street. I wonder if it might be the dream suite I had commissioned as Isabelle suggested it when I woke her up at her desk the other day. Yes, she fell asleep at work. That poor girl works so hard, I wish I could send her home for a day off. It took us a couple of days, but the dream suite has just been funded, so it should be open by tomorrow. I can’t wait to dream about other people’s awesome towns so I can get inspiration for how to decorate my own!


I also had another important visitor come to Volantis recently: a little kitten called Katie. She said she wasn’t lost but I think she was, considering she then wouldn’t leave my side. She wanted to visit another town so I took her to my friend Steve’s town, Sprinkle. Apparently she kind of disappeared after that – Steve couldn’t find her. But anyway, she must have had a good time because she sent me a sketchbook in the post. So sweet.

I’ve been doing a lot of tree shaking recently. Why? Well, because not only can you find money in the trees, you can also find two pieces of furniture in them a day. Because of this technique my house is full of cool stuff I’ve found. But on the downside, I’ve gotten stung by a lot of bees, as when you shake a tree, you risk disturbing a bee hive. If this happens, be sure to run away as fast as you can into a building or something, or you will get stung, which isn’t fun. You can also try and catch the bees if you have a net handy but that’s very hard to do, and you’ve gotta be quick. I’m currently covering up a swollen eye from a bee sting with some huge red shades.



Sadly I’ve still got a huge chunk of my loan from Tom Nook to pay off. So I best so and catch some more fish so I can make some money!

Bye for now,

Mayor Minxy

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