Check Out First Trailer For Telltale’s Game Of Thrones

Telltale finally released a trailer for their long-awaited Game of Thrones episodic adventure, along with some new information on the PS Blog.

The trailer is more or less just a teaser, clocking in at under a minute. If you’ve been following the game and you’ve seen the leaked screenshots too, then there aren’t really any surprises. The teaser itself shows off the game’s beautiful art style, at least.  This is undeniably a Telltale game, though less cartoon and more water color painting now.

The big news is that at least four cast members from the TV show will be playing their characters in the game– Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage, Natalie Dormer, and Iwan Rheon have been confirmed, along with the cryptic line “additional cast members will appear in later episodes…” according to the PS Blog.

The first of six episodes is titled “Iron from Ice” which is also the Forrester’s house words. House Forrester’s seat of power is the imposing fortress Ironwrath, deep in the Wolfswood of the north. The House is unwaveringly loyal to House Stark, even in the chaos of The War of the Five Kings.

The five playable characters, all of House Forrester either by blood or service, will have tough decisions to make as their small seat amongst the Ironwoods gets swallowed up by the war and politics of Westeros and Essos. Every decision will affect the other characters, so players must be wary of the intended and unintended consequences of everything.

There is no solid release date, but the first episode will be available for download on the PS3 and PS4 “soon.”