Fanmade Pokemon Gen 6 Pokedex Is Amazing

Update 1-8-13: The real Gen 6 has just been announced! Check it out here.

A post on Reddit’s Pokemon sub-reddit has brought to light an amazing fan made Pokemon Gen 6 Pokedex complete with names, types, and pictures. This is quite an accomplishment to make Nintendo-quality sprites and hit nearly every combination of types. After reading through this Pokedex, I have to agree with some of the users in the Reddit post: Nintendo should hold a contest to pick the 50 best player-made Pokemon.

Without further ado, check out the Pokemon Gen 6 Pokedex as made by WaterTrainer.


Click picture for full size.


  • Ben_Tarrant

    They’re very impressive… The love the idea of fan made pokemon actually reaching a game!

  • KeithPandaMcDowell

    i love the panzap and semizap idea that should be done for sure.

    • calmit

      especially considering the horrible pokemon of gen 4 and 5.

  • BlackSpartanTEO

    Hmm. These are awesome and make sense! Could I by chance add them to my Pokemon Platinium romhack? I would be giving you the credit of course! The games are called Pokemon Cyan and Magenta. it’d be awesome!

  • KeeperOfTheEquinoxWATT

    I’d like to use these in my Evil Pokémon fan fiction. I’ll give you credit.