Minecraft Multiplayer Games for the Xbox 360

Minecraft Xbox 360 is taking the world by storm. The realm of Minecraft is a fascinating world to explore for the first time. But a large chunk of the over 1 million players aren’t new to Minecraft. For old fans downgrading to an old version and small map of Minecraft just isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, the Xbox 360 version has a saving grace. It has split screen.

Now fans can share the Minecraft experience together on their Xbox 360s. Whether it’s playing together in person or with friends across Xbox Live the console’s multiplayer changes the way Minecraft is played. Unlike the PC version it’s easy to host a private world for your friends. Getting tired of building structures and fighting Creepers? Check out these multiplayer game modes the next time you’ve got some Minecrafters together.


Recommended Players: 2-8

Average Game Time: Less than 2 minutes

Spleef is classic game type veteran Minecraft players have probably heard of. You build a simple ring with walls made of strong material like wood or stone two blocks high. Then you make the floor of the ring out of an easily breakable block like glass or wool. Under the ring you place a pool of lava. If transporting lava isn’t plausible build the ring high in air so if you fall out you die.  Everybody jumps in the ring and on the count of three starts trying to destroy the blocks under their competitors. If you fall through a hole in the ring you melt in the lava or fall to your death. As more blocks are destroyed more players fall. The last man standing wins.

Capture the Flag

Recommended Players: 4-8

Average Game Time: 1-2 hours

This classic game is great in Minecraft. Spawn a new world at the beginning of the match so no one has an unfair advantage. Pre-set an amount of time each team has to build their base, assemble weapons, and plant their flag.  For flags use a simple item put into a chest like a flower or wool. I recommend giving each team at least an hour to get ready. It takes a while to find iron or diamond ore, build a base, and get a chest full of weapons and armor. After the hour planning stage start playing capture the flag like you would on any other game. Anything goes from this point on, raid the enemies weapon cache, break down their doors, and capture that flower.

Pig Racing

Recommended Players: 4

Average Game Time: Under 10 minutes

This game type will not work until the animal breeding update is implemented on the Xbox. Once it is grab two saddles and find two pigs. Pick a start and finish line for your race. Divide into two teams, each one with an assigned rider and a leader. The rider’s job is to sit onto of the pig and place blocks that would obstruct the other teams pig. The leader’s job is to lead the pig with a piece of wheat in their hands. The leaders are not allowed to place any blocks and the riders are not allowed to get off their pig. Make sure you don’t try to hurt the other team, or the other team’s pig, otherwise you are disqualified.

Storm the Castle

Recommended Players: 4-8

Average Time: Depends on the castle size

This is a great game to play if one person or team wants to prepare beforehand. Make a castle, or any type of stronghold structure build specifically for defense against other players. It’s important to use more than just walls. A good castle has moats, lava, traps, dispensers, iron doors, and a good weapon cache. Somewhere in the castle place a “treasure chest.” The defenders job is to protect the treasure chest, and the attacker’s goal is to defend it. Place beds at strategic points for good respawn locations. Set a fair amount of time and see which team prevails. Do not play this game with a castle that you are proud of and attached to. By the end of this game, it’s usually pretty destroyed.

So here are a couple of games that I play with my friends on the Xbox edition of Minecraft. Have any games that you like to play? Post them in the comments below or send me an e-mail with the name and the rules of the game.

  • Jordanb_55

    I wish you could adjust the distance it takes to see a players name, because right now it makes pvp super easy when you see them from about 100+ blocks away.

  • korbat

    “the defenders job is to protect the treasure chest, and the attackers job is to defend it.” really? REALLY? the attackers are defending now? i wasn’t aware of this. looks like I’ve been playing ALL wrong

  • mfparrott

    HELP!! My son loves Minecraft and we are having a little trouble understanding things.  I know he needs a headset, what one?? The boys he wants to be friends with on the game say he sounds “annoying” when he talks since he doesn’t have a microphone?  What does he need?  Also, he wants to play “multiplayer” (I don’t even really know what that means) and this sweet, kind, happy child of mine, well, the boys in his class are downright mean to him, and I want to smack these little jerks…what is it that he needs to play this game how he wants?  I don’t get it and with Christmas coming, I thought this stuff would be a great gift.  Any former dorks please help me, he shouldn’t get mistreated just because his parents are uninformed:)
    Thank you for any advice or assistance.

  • cmurdurr

    @mfparrott- There are a lot of different gaming headsets out there…I know my brother is a big fan of Turtle Beaches, and I have friends who swear by Astro Gaming Headsets. Google both of those for more info. Also, Best Buy usually has a Gaming headset setup on the floor in any one of their locations, so they might be able to give you a bit more help tailored to your situation.
    Hope this helps! Might I also suggest he gets some new friends? These guys don’t sound very nice…