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Positions Now Open


Leviathyn is back and looking for some new talent to add to our team! We are looking for new writers, podcasters, video streamers, and other great personalities to join us as our website continues to grow.

Writers Needed


We’re always looking for more writers and at this time all of our sections are seeking some new members. We break our team into sections to help focus subjects, content, and help our readers get used to the names writing about their favorite games. When applying you have the choice of joining the following sections:

Microsoft: Loving the Xbox One? Have a lot to say about Microsoft’s console history? Then join the Microsoft team and chat about Phil Spencer, Halo, and the Kinect.

Sony: Do you have all four PlayStation consoles sitting in your living room? Then the Sony team wants you to help them deliver original content and follow the surging PS4’s success.

Nintendo: Nintendo’s long history and great characters are helping the Wii U reach success and the 3DS sell like hotcakes. The Nintendo team could use your help to keep up with all of the Nintendo Directs and the upcoming Smash Bros. release.

PC: The PC gaming community is a very proud bunch and the PC team is no different. They love writing and talking about all things PC, Mac, and Linux gaming.

Mobile: The mobile team is looking to restructure their team and is currently looking to fill multiple spots. There is a lot going on in the mobile world each day including games, new phones, new tech, new OS updates, and a lot more. If you have a passion for all things mobile, join our mobile team.

Entertainment: Our entertainment team goes to every new movie release and loves to review, discuss, and pool opinions together on Hollywood, comic books, music, and books. If you’re not into video games so much but love movies or comics, join the Entertainment team. Since this website is geared towards gamers, if you have any friends who enjoy these subjects, recommend them to us!

Media Talent Needed

As we continue to grow, we’re heading towards the next step with our website by focusing on our multimedia presence. We’re hoping to find some great talent looking to improve and enjoy podcasting, video recording, and video streaming on our accounts for websites like Twitch, YouTube, and many others.

If you have passion for being on video, talking on podcasts, or even hiding your face behind some gameplay then we could your talents to grow our media team. Feel free to ask us for more details regarding our media strategy and approach.

How to Apply!


Looking to join our team? Then email the following email address with the following and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours if we feel you’d be a great addition to Leviathyn. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you.

Email us: [email protected]

Subject: “Your Name’s Application”

Include the following:

  • Basic information. Tell us your name, where you live (state, country – for time zone information), if you’re over the age of 18 (yes or no – don’t need to give us a number), and if you’re in school or not (yes or no).
  • Tell us about yourself. Give us a paragraph or so just so you can tell us about why you’re applying, your passions, if you’ve written on a site or publication before, and anything we need to know (school needs, essential information).
  • A link or attached document (.doc format only, please) of a writing sample. This can be a link to a former website you’ve written on or just a quick review, list, or news article you can whip up to show us you’re talent. If you’re applying to be a media guy (podcasts, video streaming, recordings) and you have a Twitch or YouTube account with some recordings, send us those links.
  • As a reminder, please give us at least 48 hours to reply if we would like to follow up for the application process.