What We Played Over The Holidays

Leviathyn’s team of writers is located across the world and (while there’s certainly going to be some shared titles) many of us sunk our time and money into entirely different kinds of games. Read on for the full details on what we played over the break.

How League of Legends Is Changing In More Than Just Appearance

Though the redesigned Summoner’s Rift has made it plain to many gamers that League of Legends is not the same game it was when it launched back in October 2009, fans have found that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Riot’s overall direction for the game. Read on to learn why.

Why Gamers Don’t Want Another MMO

There’s a recent trend in MMOs that I would really like to see an end to, for the sake of both players and developers. A majority of gamers don’t want another MMO.