Umbra: Next-Gen Hack & Slash

Umbra: The Hack & Slash that wants to tell a unique story, with you at the center of it! Fans world-wide have backed this game to a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, and you’re gonna see why in this overview!

Retro Chic: RPG Maker 2K3

Nostalgia ahoy! RPG Maker is a simple, reliable engine designed to make games that look like they came straight from an NES cartridge and here you learn all about what you get in the first-ever English installment of the RPG Maker series.

The Nvidia Shield: A Revolution in Console Gaming, or Just Another Set-Top Box?

With the recent trend of mobile gaming, and hardware that is able to stream your games onto nearly any screen imaginable, the Nvidia Shield will have a great deal of competition right off the bat. Yet, it looks to bring some new features to the table as well, while improving on others. Will this device be the next big thing in console gaming, or merely another forgotten gadget that can stream games?