Don Bradman Cricket Review – Howzat?!

Don Bradman Cricket Review – Howzat?!

Don Bradman Cricket burst onto the video game scene in April 2014, releasing for the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3, at a time where the future of virtual cricket was beginning to look very bleak. Big Ant Studios succeeded where so many others have failed, and managed to provide us with the most realistic version of video game cricket to date. Now it is time for the series to make the jump to the Xbox One.

Lionsgate invest in Telltale Games, TV show/video game hybrid on the way

Lionsgate have announced that they are investing in Telltale Games, and Jon Feltheimer and John Riccitiello will be joining the Telltale Board Of Directors. In addition to this, Telltale have also released the first details regarding the joint project between the two – a “Super Show” series which will combine elements of both TV and video games.