This War of Mine Preview: Sidescroller Survival Stories

This War of Mine is a game that still lacks a release date but amidst the sea of various survival titles flooding digital distribution channels, it looks like something definitely worth checking out. It’s a game trying to explore conflict in a different light than video games have dared to in the past, and its mechanics are just as ambitious. Read on for my full preview.

EB Expo 2014: Lords of the Fallen Hands On

When I rocked up at this year’s EB Expo, the last thing I expected to be thinking of as I wrapped up my day was how excited I am for a game that falls into the same niche of action RPG as Dark Souls. Read on for my hands-on preview and interview for Lords of the Fallen.

EB Expo 2014: Evolve Hands-On Preview

Evolve is being pushed by 2K as the next big thing in asymmetrical multiplayer shooters from Turtle Rock Studios (the creators of the original Left 4 Dead) and after diving headfirst into a couple of matches at year’s EB Expo, I feel like it has a good shot of meeting those lofty claims. Read on for my full preview.

EB Expo 2014: Dying Light Q&A

Though I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t without its flaws, I quite liked Techland’s Dead Island. It was a fun blend of first-person action adventure and loot grinding RPG that, in the first half of the game, had some genuinely fresh survival horror overtones to it. From what I played of it at this year’s EB Expo, their follow-up to the game, Dying Light is turning out to be the next evolution when it comes to the studios zombie-slaying formula. Read on for my interview with the Techland’s Community Manager.

The Escapists: Early Access Impressions

In spite of the critical buzz surrounding Introversion’s Prison Architect, very few game developers have tackled life-behind-bars as subject material. We check out Mouldy Tuff Studios The Escapists early access build to find out if it can hold its own.