PAX AUS 2014 – Cannibal Fever Interview

Cannibal Fever launched its Kickstarter campaign over the weekend and I caught up with Michael of Forbidden Film Studios during PAX AUS to learn more about the game. Read on for my full interview.

PAX AUS 2014 – Todd Harris & The Future of SMITE

MOBAS are big players in the gaming world of 2014 and while a lot of critics see the genre as one that Riot and Valve have gotten locked down between them, developer Hi-Rez has pushed forward with their own take on the genre, SMITE to growing success. I caught up with Todd Howard, co-founder of Hi-Rez and lead designer on the game during PAX AUS 2014. Read on for my full interview.

PAX AUS 2014 – Expand Interview

As expansive and ambitious as some of the indie titles on display at this year’s PAX Australia were, there also some that smartly focused on going for mechanics and that while smaller, definitely offered some refined experiences of their own. Expand is one such game and I chatted briefly to the lead developer behind the title.