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Do We Need The Xbox One To Fail?

Many people are going into E3 this year short-sighted. It’s a crucial moment – as it is every year – for all of us, and this year poses risk of a massive change. The outcry against Microsoft’s new and restrictive policies is an important stance for the bulk of gamers – or at least the more vocal of us – to take, if we want to have our privacy and freedoms heeded.

The Most Fun Bad Games Of This Generation

To our surprise, to our guilt-ridden pleasure, we play these sometimes generic, often mediocre creations, and we like them. Something esoteric can sometimes be found in the hearts of so many bad games, and when they’re found, they gift to you unbridled ecstasy of a rebellious sort.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Wii U’s Slow Start

“PS3 has no games”, “Wii U is doomed and has no games”, “The PSP has no games, it’s a shitty console.”
We’ve heard phrases like these time and time again for recent console launches. Grave portents of company closures, deaths of systems, and waning fanbases dart around like aggravated spirits of fanboys past, and kicks the dirt over early adopters’ fun. The difference is, this hasn’t always been the case with hardware launches. The PS1, the Gamecube, the XBOX, were all met with great response at their respective debuts, and flourished from then onwards. So what is the difference between now and then, and what does it mean from here onward?

Nintendo Direct Replacing Traditional E3 Conference

Satoru Iwata announced during Nintendo’s financial results briefing that Nintendo would not have a traditional E3 presence this year, instead using the channel of Nintendo Direct to relegate information to gamers and investors alike. He said “Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market.”

Is Homeworld In Safe Hands?

Gearbox Software, bringers of Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Half Life expansions and more, are unquestionably a reputably talented development studio. The big questions come up when you notice the rather glaring discord: Gearbox Software is an FPS studio at heart – Homeworld is an RTS.